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Ride into work, mark up a PDF on your Android tablet. There are 364 other days to make resolutions, but we choose to make them on a single day. Here at Bamboo headquarters, we’re a mixed resolution bag. Or have you checked it twice, and now you’re trying to find the time to check everyone’s names off. Let us make it super easy for you to buy a gift for someone on your list. Writing Tip: Use Vivid Description What is good writing? Even though the correct answer is that whether a piece of writing is good or not rests entirely with the reader, many people think that good writing is effective writing.

Good writing is written for a purpose. Good writing is grammatically correct and readable. What it is Vivid description is writing which makes you feel as if you are standing there, right there tip the author has just described something. Vivid description appeals to the senses — eyes, nose, ears, skin, etc. You writing vivid description when you describe something, whatever it may be. Vivid description is undesirable in some cases.

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How to use vivid description If you want to use vivid description, then you want to play with all the senses. Don’t just say the wind is fast. Compare it with something that the readers are familiar with. The wind was as fast as a train. Rather than leaving the details to the reader’s imagination, why not list them out in your writing?

It is incredibly annoying to imagine something based on what has been written only to discover that our image is wrong. In contrast, if we had the proper details, wouldn’t we imagine better? That’s when vivid description comes in. Description is necessary but boring, and so you have vivid description. Everything the reader would want to know, and nothing more. You explain it, they understand it, and your writing is okay.

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