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Walden books

Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000 is a 1982 walden books fiction novel written by L.

He also composed a soundtrack to the book called Space Jazz. In the year AD 3000, Earth has been ruled by an alien race, the Psychlos, for a millennium. The Psychlos were inadvertently led to Earth by one of NASA’s Voyager deep space satellites. After one thousand years, humanity is an endangered species numbering fewer than 35,000, and reduced to a few tribes in isolated parts of the world, while the Psychlos strip the planet of its mineral wealth.

Earth, with a slightly different table of elements. Their «breathe-gas» walden books on contact with even trace amounts of radioactive metals, such as uranium. Terl has been assigned to Earth, and his term has been arbitrarily extended by Numph, the Planetary Head of mining operations. Fearful at the thought of spending several more years on Earth, Terl decides to make himself a millionaire to escape, by secretly mining a lode of gold in the Rocky Mountains that his planetary scanner drones have recently found. Terl captures Jonnie’s childhood love Chrissie and her sister, Pattie, and holds them hostage to ensure Jonnie’s continued cooperation. Thereafter, Jonnie is free to move around the mining area.

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Terl even forces Jonnie to submit to a learning machine. It quickly teaches him numerous subjects, including the Psychlo language, by implanting the information directly into Jonnie’s brain. While Jonnie and his Scottish allies mine the gold deposit, they also secretly explore the ruins of humanity to look for uranium that can be weaponized for use against their Psychlo oppressors. This subterfuge is aided by the aforementioned body doubles, making it appear to Terl’s surveillance that the mining operation is the sole priority of the human contingent. Meanwhile, Terl has gained leverage on Numph after discovering he has been stealing company funds. Terl blackmails Numph, and is now able to do whatever he wants, effectively negating Numph’s power over him.

Terl has been busy obfuscating the purpose of the gold mining operation and implementing his plan to ship the human-mined gold back to the Psychlo home planet. Terl’s plan by packing several of the coffins with «dirty nukes» and «planet busters». Psychlo equations appear to make no sense. Unsure of whether the bombs sent to Psychlo detonated, Jonnie opposes a longtime rival, Brown Limper Staffor, seeking to wrest control of Earth for himself.

It is discovered that all Psychlos have a DBS device implanted in their brains to make them less empathetic. Meant to make work pleasant for them, the DBS artifact promotes extreme sadism in the males. Removal of this device cures the handful of remaining Psychlos on Earth. Under threat of counterattack, Jonnie opposes a race of intergalactic bankers seeking to repossess the Earth for unpaid debts. The security of and independence of humanity once again threatened, Jonnie discovers that the dirty nukes sent with the intent of destroying the capital city on Psychlo, instead started a chain reaction which reached into the planet’s core due to over-mining, causing the planet to explode and transform into a star. With the Earth being threatened by other alien races looking for restitution because they had suffered under the harsh rule of the Psychlos, Jonnie discovers a way out via his contract with Terl.

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