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Use bibliography in a sentence

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Half Price Books, Records, Magazines, Incorporated is the largest family-owned chain of new and used bookstores in the United States. Entrance to the Half Price Books Northwest Highway, the corporate headquarters, on E. Founders Ken Gjemre and Pat Anderson opened the first store in 1972 in a former laundromat in Dallas, Texas, filling the shelves with 2,000 books out of their personal libraries. Pat Anderson’s daughter, Sharon Anderson Wright, is the company’s current President and CEO.

The Half Price Books original mission statement includes the promise to «promote literacy and be kind to the environment. The company has promoted recycling and reusing, and the sound management of paper, energy and water resources. In addition, the chain donates millions of books and its overstock inventory to non-profit organizations around the world such as Feed the Children and American Red Cross. It also gives some of its books to Better World Books, a for-profit on-line bookseller. Half Price Books publishes some of the books it sells, inexpensively reprinting non-copyrighted titles or acquiring the U. English language rights from another publisher.

Half Price Books reprints these titles under its publishing arm, Hackberry Press. Among Hackberry Press titles is the Half Price Books children’s storybook series Say Good Night to Illiteracy, with 13 editions in print. All proceeds from the series benefit family literacy organizations such as Reach Out and Read and the National Center for Family Literacy. The company is a strong proponent of the First Amendment freedom of speech and Americans’ right to knowledge and the expression of ideas. The wholesale division of Half Price Books is Texas Bookman, also headquartered in Dallas. Texas Bookman sells trade and scholarly remainders at discount prices to wholesale buyers around the world. Left Corporate Career to Found Bookstore Chain».

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With numerous examples and visuals, you’ll be citing in Chicago style in no time. Looking for Other Tools and Resources? Our Writing Center is jam-packed with tons of exciting resources. Videos, infographics, research guides, and many other citation-related resources are found here. Check it out to find what you need to succeed! This page may need to be updated to reflect current knowledge.

You can help update it, discuss progress, or request assistance. This module may require a complete rewrite in order to suit its intended audience. Entry and field types in . If you are writing only one or two documents and aren’t planning on writing more on the same subject for a long time, you might not want to waste time creating a database of references you are never going to use.

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