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Synopsis of books

Synopsis of books Fantastic Flying Books of Mr.

Jump to navigation Jump to search The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. After winning over a dozen film festivals, the film was awarded the Best Animated Short Film at the 84th Academy Awards. Morris Lessmore sits on a balcony in the French Quarter of New Orleans writing a memoir. Suddenly a storm strikes, blowing Morris’s writing out of his book and blowing him off the balcony.

While Morris frantically grabs for his book, the storm blows away the buildings. After the storm, Morris finds the city and its residents devastated. He walks through the streets strewn with book pages and into the countryside. There he sees a woman fly past, magically suspended by flying books which she is holding with ribbons. She sends one of the books down to Morris. The book’s pages flip back and forth to animate an illustration of Humpty Dumpty, who urges Morris to follow him. The flying book takes Morris to a library where other flying books live.

Morris finds no humans there, but notices several portraits on the wall, one of which is the woman he had seen. In the story the books could talk to Morris. Morris then becomes the proprietor of the library. He takes care of the books, even saving the life of an early French edition of Jules Verne’s From the Earth to synopsis Moon after of suffers a catastrophic books falling from a shelf.

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Years later Morris, now an old man, finally completes the book. Satisfied with his life’s work, he closes the book and heads for the door. The flying books swirl about him and Morris becomes young again. He then flies away, carried by flying books like the woman earlier.

As he departs, his book, which had earlier been an ordinary book, becomes a flying book like the others, and returns to the library. Just then, a young girl arrives. Joyce wrote a story about a man who gives his life to books when he was on an airplane flight to visit Morris. Joyce read the story to Morris, who died a few days after that. Morris Lessmore was visually modeled after the silent film actor Buster Keaton.

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