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Summarizing literature

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An oral community in Takéo, Cambodia confronts writing. Modern scholarship has shown that orality is a complex and tenacious social phenomenon. The study of orality is closely allied to the study of oral tradition. Ong’s work was foundational for the study of orality, and reminds us that despite the striking success and subsequent power of written language, the vast majority of languages are never written, and the basic orality of language is permanent. In his later publications Ong distinguishes between two forms of orality: ‘primary orality’ and ‘secondary orality’.

In addition, ‘residual orality’ is also defined — it is the remnants, legacy, or influence of a predominately oral culture carried over into the written realm — an example might include the use of dialogue as a philosophical or didactic tool in written literature, such as used by the Greek thinker Plato. Before writing became a way for many cultures before we had orality. Unfortunately many of the retained orality summarizing literature been lost or drastically changed. Those that were able to be preserved gives us insight to past cultures and just how much we have evolved since then. Primary orality’ refers to thought and its verbal expression within cultures «totally untouched by any knowledge of writing or print.

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If a hunter kills a lion he can see it, touch it, feel it and smell it. But if he hears a lion he must act, fast, because the sound of the lion signals its presence and its power. Speech is a form of sound that shares this common power. Like other sounds, it comes from within a living organism. Writing is powerful in a different way: it permits people to generate ideas, store them, and retrieve them as needed across time in a highly efficient and accurate way.

The absence of this technology in oral societies limits the development of complex ideas and the institutions that depend on them. In his studies of the Homeric Question, Milman Parry was able to show that the poetic metre found in the Iliad and the Odyssey had been ‘packaged’ by oral Greek society to meet its information management needs. But the availability of a technology of literacy to a society is not enough to ensure its widespread diffusion and use. For example, Eric Havelock observed in A Preface to Plato that after the ancient Greeks invented writing they adopted a scribal culture that lasted for generations. Many cultures have experienced an equilibrium state in which writing and mass illiteracy have co-existed for hundreds or even thousands of years.

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