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Jump to navigation Short journal articles to search A short film is any motion picture not long enough to be considered a feature film.

The increasingly rare industry term «short subject» carries more of an assumption that the film is shown as part of a presentation along with a feature film. All films in the beginning of cinema were very short, sometimes running only a minute or less. It was not until the 1910s when films started to get longer than about ten minutes. The first set of films were presented in 1894 and it was through Thomas Edison’s device called a kinetoscope. It was made for individual viewing only. Animated cartoons came principally as short subjects.

Virtually all major film production companies had units assigned to develop and produce shorts, and many companies, especially in the silent and very early sound era, produced mostly or only short subjects. In the 1930s, the distribution system changed in many countries, owing to the Short journal articles Depression. Instead of the cinema owner assembling a program of their own choice, the studios sold a package centered on a main and supporting feature, a cartoon and little else. Cartoon shorts had a longer life, due in part to the implementation of lower-cost limited animation techniques. Despite being popular, they also declined in this period.

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A few animated shorts continue within mainstream commercial distribution. Shorts International and Magnolia Pictures organize an annual release of Academy Award nominated short films in theatres across the US, UK, Canada and Mexico throughout February and March. Shorts are occasionally broadcast as filler when a feature film or other work doesn’t fit the standard broadcast schedule. ShortsTV was the first television channel dedicated to short films.

However, short films generally rely on festival exhibition to reach an audience. Such movies can also be distributed via the Internet. Short films are a typical first stage for new filmmakers, but professional actors and crews often still choose to create short films as an alternative form of expression. Amateur filmmaking has grown in popularity as equipment has become more accessible. The lower production costs of short films often mean that short films can cover alternative subject matter as compared to higher budget feature films.

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