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The shloka is treated as a couplet. The Pathyā and Vipulā half-verses are arranged in the table above in order of frequency of occurrence. Out of 2579 half-verses taken from Kalidasa, Magha, Bharavi, and Bilhana, each of the four admissible forms of shloka in the above order claims the following share: 2289, 116, 89, 85. The 1st and 8th syllables of both pādas sanskrit essay books ancipites. The 4th syllable of the first pāda is heavy.

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Noteworthy is the avoidance of an iambic cadence in the first pāda. In Āsandîvat, Janamejaya bound for the gods a black-spotted, grain-eating horse, adorned with a golden ornament and with yellow garlands. The shloka and Anushtubh meter has been the most popular verse style in classical and post-classical Sanskrit works. It is octosyllabic, next harmonic to Gayatri meter that is sacred to the Hindus. A shloka has a rhythm, offers flexibility and creative space, but has embedded rules of composition.

A Sanskrit Grammar for Students, Appendix II, p. The Veda and Indian Culture: An Introductory Essay. A History of Ancient Sanskrit Literature. Vedic Metre in its historical development. Sanskrit prosody and numerical symbols explained.

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