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It’s been 10 years since the great housing bust and lending is back for reviel Americans, but not for others.

In dozens of cities across the country, lenders are more likely to deny loans to applicants reviel color than white ones. On this episode of Reveal, we dig into the new redlining. Itu2019s been 10 years since the great housing bust and lending is back for some Americans, but not for others. She said she’d free them from addiction. Shiloh had a history of death and drugging. Don’t miss the next big story.

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Brave investigations that change minds, laws and lives. Our investigative journalism depends on financial support from readers like you. Get our weekly podcast, hosted by Al Letson and co-produced with PRX. An anonymous tip or document can open the door to more reporting.

Many have gone to work at Tesla inspired by CEO Elon Musk and his mission. What some found, they said, was a chaotic factory floor where speed trumped safety. Forklifts and tuggers zip by on gray-painted floors, differentiated from pedestrian walkways by another shade of gray. Elon does not like the color yellow. The melding of cutting-edge technology and world-saving vision is Tesla Inc.

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