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Resume formats

Creating a well-written resume takes more than just writing down your work resume formats and skills.

Did you know that the format could increase your chances of scoring an interview? The key is using the format that will best showcase your skills and work experience. From the traditional to the highly creative, there are many good resume formats to choose from. This guide will walk you through the most common resume styles, and provide you with sample templates to download and use. Employment history is typically listed in reverse-chronological order, beginning with your most recent position. If your work history is consistent and reflects an upward trajectory in your career, a chronological format is a simplest and most effective option.

It is often preferred by recruiting consultants. If you’re writing an entry-level resume, or you have an inconsistent work history, there are better options for you. Scroll down for chronological resume format example. Functional Resume FormatA functional resume, or skills-based resume, begins by highlighting your skills and work experiences, while saving your work history for the end.

Unlike a chronological format, the period of time spent on each job is not included. Because it doesn’t feature your employment history, it’s a good choice for job seekers who have frequent job changes, have gaps between jobs, or if are re-entering the workforce. It also works well if you’re seeking a career change and your work history isn’t applicable to the new role. Functional resumes are a great way for someone to sell themselves to a potential employer when they have transferable skills, but they don’t have the job experience to back them up. Scroll down for functional resume format example. CombinationA resume formats resume is a hybrid of the chronological and functional resume formats.

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Unlike a functional format, a combination format is for job seekers with a longer career history, which often comes with an extensive list of skills and achievements. On the other hand, if your career history is lacking, or you have gaps between jobs, you may want to avoid this format. The main drawback of this format is that it can easily end up too long. Featuring only the experience and skills that mirror the job requirements of the position you’re seeking can keep the length under control. Scroll down for combination resume format example.

You can find many more examples and some resume tips on these pages: chronological format, functional format, combination format. Check pages below to download a free resume template in the format you need. While it’s important to have a professional resume, sometimes a little creativity and innovation is appropriate. The creative resume format uses an artistic layout, offering job seekers the chance to stand out in industries that will appreciate this.

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