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Research related literature

Featured Click on the «gear» button at the bottom research related literature the video to view presenter notes.

Dawson is a regular contributor on Medium. The complexity of national leaders’ thinking: How does it measure up? The complexity of national leaders’ thinking: U. Why measure growth in thinking complexity?

Moral education: A review of constructivist theory and research. Unpublished position paper, University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA. Moral reasoning and evaluative reasoning about the good life. Layers of structure: A comparison of two approaches to developmental assessment. New tools, new insights: Kohlberg’s moral reasoning stages revisited.

International Journal of Behavioral Development, 26, 154-166. Research related literature comparison of three developmental stage scoring systems. Journal of Applied Measurement, 3, 146-189. A stage is a stage is a stage: A direct comparison of two scoring systems.

Literature review books

Write your dissertation,What is a case study in research,Dissertation umi,
Journal of Genetic Psychology, 164, 335-364. Assessing intellectual development: Three approaches, one sequence. Stage-like patterns in the development of conceptions of energy. Reconsidering qualitative and quantitative research approaches: A cognitive developmental perspective.

New Ideas in Psychology, 24, 229-239. Developing conceptions of authority and contract across the life-span: Two perspectives. Cycles of research and application in education: Learning pathways for energy concepts. We are all learning here: Cycles of research and application in adult development. Domain-general and domain-specific developmental assessments: Do they measure the same thing? The LAAS: A computerized developmental scoring system for small- and large-scale assessments.

A good education is The development of evaluative thought across the life-span. Genetic, Social, and General Psychology Monographs, 130, 4-112. The meaning and measurement of conceptual development in adulthood. Do stages belong at the center of developmental theory?

More recent research, on the other hand, has suggested that imprisonment is not as detrimental as first thought.
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