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Research proposal physics

The operations of computers research proposal physics be compatible with the principles of information theory, statistical thermodynamics, and quantum mechanics.

Digital physics suggests that there exists, at least in principle, a program for a universal computer that computes the evolution of the universe. Loop quantum gravity could lend support to digital physics, in that it assumes space-time is quantized. Paola Zizzi has formulated a realization of this concept in what has come to be called «computational loop quantum gravity», or CLQG. A computational universe is proposed by Jürgen Schmidhuber in a paper based on Zuse’s 1967 thesis. Following Jaynes and Weizsäcker, the physicist John Archibald Wheeler proposed an «it from bit» doctrine: information sits at the core of physics, and every «it», whether a particle or field, derives its existence from observations. The toughest nut to crack in Wheeler’s research program of a digital dissolution of physical being in a unified physics, Wheeler says, is time. Kenneth Sayre and Floridi embrace neither a digital ontology nor a pancomputationalist position.

Turing thesis claims that any computer as powerful as a Turing machine can, in principle, calculate anything that a human can calculate, given enough time. Turing did not show that his machines can solve any problem that can be solved ‘by instructions, explicitly stated rules, or procedures’, nor did he prove that the universal Turing machine ‘can compute any function that any computer, with any architecture, can compute’. Turing principle: ‘Every finitely realizable physical system can be perfectly simulated by a universal model computing machine operating by finite means. This formulation is both better defined and more physical than Turing’s own way of expressing it. So far there is no experimental confirmation of either binary or quantized nature of the universe, which are basic for digital physics.

The few attempts made in this direction would include the experiment with holometer designed by Craig Hogan, which among others would detect a bit structure of space-time. The study found that space-time is not quantized at the scale being measured. One objection is that extant models of digital physics are incompatible with the existence of several continuous characters of physical symmetries, e. For example, the reasoning leading to systems of natural units and the conclusion that research proposal physics Planck length is a minimum meaningful unit of distance suggests that at some level, space itself is quantized.

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Moreover, computers can manipulate and solve formulas describing real numbers using symbolic computation, thus avoiding the need to approximate real numbers by using an infinite number of digits. A number—in particular a real number, one with an infinite number of digits—was defined by Turing to be computable if a Turing machine will continue to spit out digits endlessly. So ordinary computational descriptions do not have a cardinality of states and state space trajectories that is sufficient for them to map onto ordinary mathematical descriptions of natural systems. Thus, from the point of view of strict mathematical description, the thesis that everything is a computing system in this second sense cannot be supported». For his part, David Deutsch generally takes a «multiverse» view to the question of continuous vs. Some argue that extant models of digital physics violate various postulates of quantum physics.

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