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Before starting a research paper, writing the information and notes you’ve gathered. Pick one research the papers structures for organizing your research paper and start writing with a strong introduction. Before you turn in the final draft of your paper, go through a grammar checklist — and be sure to cite your sources. When to Cite Sources on Research PapersA huge faux-pas in the world of research papers is stealing someone else’s ideas.

Research writing

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You need to give credit for your sources of information when you’re writing your research paper. Provide a citation for all direct quotations from printed, electronic, or human sources. Cite the source whenever you employ someone else’s ideas, even if you express them in your own words. Cite the source when you use a train of logic or an organizational pattern created by someone else.

Don’t cite the source for information that is common knowledge. Keep a master list of all sources, including title, author, date, publishing information, and page numbers. Give each source a code number, and label each note with the code and page number. If the source doesn’t have page numbers, include any other location information. If you write the exact words you found in the source, enclose the words in quotation marks. If the source credits someone else, write that information in your notes also.

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