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Jump to navigation Jump to search «Repec» redirects here. For the village in the Czech Republic, see Řepeč. This article relies too much on references to primary sources. Sponsored by the Research Division of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and using its IDEAS database, RePEc provides links to over 1,200,000 full text articles.

Most contributions are freely downloadable, but copyright remains with the author or copyright holder. It is among the in internet repositories of academic material in the world. Materials to RePEc can be added through a department or institutional archive or, if no institutional archive is available, through the Munich Research RePEc Archive. Institutions papers welcome to join and contribute their materials by establishing and maintaining their own RePEc archive.

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Leading publishers, such as Elsevier and Springer, have their economics material listed in RePEc. The information in the database is used to rank the more than 50,000 registered economists. Andrei Shleifer is currently the highest ranked economist, followed by Joseph Stiglitz and James Heckman. RePEc promotes Open Access journals and also benefits from Open Access for its own citation analysis efforts.

University of Connecticut, Department of Economics. All of the 10 largest counties had September 2017 to September 2018 percentage increases in employment. Beyond the Numbers The relationship between cash contributions, pretax income, and age Data from the U. What Do We Know about Mega Metros? Why This Counts: What Types of Jobs Are in the U. Federal government agency and everything that we publish, both in hard copy and electronically, is in the public domain, except for previously copyrighted photographs and illustrations.

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For the defendant, there is the possibility of letter for application multiple charges reduced or dropped, resulting in a significantly lesser sentence.

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