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Research paper index

Jump to navigation Jump to search This article is about research paper index index of scientific research impact.

For the economic measure, see Herfindahl index. The index is designed to improve upon simpler measures such as the total number of citations or publications. Formally, if f is the function that corresponds to the number of citations for each publication, we compute the h index as follows. First we order the values of f from the largest to the lowest value. The Hirsch index is analogous to the Eddington number, an earlier metric used for evaluating cyclists. The h-index serves as an alternative to more traditional journal impact factor metrics in the evaluation of the impact of the work of a particular researcher. The h-index can be manually determined using citation databases or using automatic tools.

Subscription-based databases such as Scopus and the Web of Science provide automated calculators. Harzing’s Publish or Perish program calculates research paper index h-index based on Google Scholar entries. Each database is likely to produce a different h for the same scholar, because of different coverage.

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A detailed study showed that the Web of Science has strong coverage of journal publications, but poor coverage of high impact conferences. Little systematic investigation has been done on how the h-index behaves over different institutions, nations, times and academic fields. Among the 22 scientific disciplines listed in the Thomson Reuters Essential Science Indicators Citation Thresholds , physics has the second most citations after space science. Numbers are very different in social science disciplines: The Impact of the Social Sciences team at London School of Economics found that social scientists in the United Kingdom had lower average h-indices.

Google Scholar data ranged from 2. Hirsch intended the h-index to address the main disadvantages of other bibliometric indicators, such as total number of papers or total number of citations. There are a number of situations in which h may provide misleading information about a scientist’s output: Most of these however are not exclusive to the h-index. The h-index does not account for the typical number of citations in different fields.

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