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Conservative MP and Health Minister, Henry Willink, first proposed the National Health Service in 1944 with the publication of a White Paper «A National Health Service» which was widely distributed in full and short versions as well as in newsreel by Henry Willink himself. At its launch by Bevan on 5 July 1948 it had at its heart three core principles: That it meet the needs of everyone, that it be free at the point of delivery, and that it be based on clinical need, not ability to pay. Three years after the founding of the NHS, Bevan resigned from the Labour government in opposition to the introduction of charges for the provision of dentures and glasses. From its earliest days, the cultural history of the NHS has shown its place in British society reflected and debated in film, TV, cartoons and literature.

In 2014 the total health sector workforce across the UK was 2,165,043. This broke down into 1,789,586 in England, 198,368 in Scotland, 110,292 in Wales and 66,797 in Northern Ireland. UK residents are not charged for most medical treatment though NHS dentistry does have standard charges in each of the four national health services in the UK. In addition, most patients in England have to pay charges for prescriptions though some are exempted. Aneurin Bevan in considering the provision of NHS services to overseas visitors wrote, in 1952, that it would be «unwise as well as mean to withhold the free service from the visitor to Britain. How do we distinguish a visitor from anybody else?

Are British citizens to carry means of identification everywhere to prove that they are not visitors? For if the sheep are to be separated from the goats both must be classified. The provision of free treatment to non-UK-residents, formerly interpreted liberally, has been increasingly restricted, with new overseas visitor hospital charging regulations introduced in 2015. Citizens of the EU holding a valid European Health Insurance Card and persons from certain other countries with which the UK professional biography editor service uk reciprocal arrangements concerning health care can get emergency treatment without charge. People not ordinarily resident may be subject to an interview to establish their eligibility, which must be resolved before non-emergency treatment can commence. Patients who do not qualify for free treatment are asked to pay in advance or to sign a written undertaking to pay, except for emergency treatment. People from outside the EEA coming to the UK for a temporary stay of more than six months are required to pay an immigration health surcharge at the time of visa application, and will then be entitled to NHS treatment on the same basis as a resident.

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This includes overseas students with a visa to study at a recognised institution for 6 months or more, but not visitors on a tourist visa. From 15 January 2007, anyone who is working outside the UK as a missionary for an organisation with its principal place of business in the UK is fully exempt from NHS charges for services that would normally be provided free of charge to those resident in the UK. There are some other categories of people who are exempt from the residence requirements such as specific government workers and those in the armed forces stationed overseas. National Insurance contributions, plus small amounts from patient charges for some services.

NHS budget is used to pay staff. Two thirds of respondents to a King’s Fund poll favour increased taxation to help finance the NHS. The Guardian has said that GPs face excessive workloads throughout Britain, and that this puts the GP’s health and that of their patients at risk. The Royal College of Physicians did a survey of doctors in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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