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Political science thesis

Wendy Brown received her Political science thesis in both Economics and Politics from UC Santa Cruz, and her M.

D in political philosophy from Princeton University. Brown’s work has been translated into more than twenty languages and has received political science thesis awards. Brown’s thinking on the decline of sovereignty and the hollowing out of democracy has found popular and journalistic audiences, with discussions of her work appearing in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Guardian. Together with Michel Feher, Brown is co-editor of the Zone Books’ series Near Futures and its digital supplement Near Futures Online.

Sociology thesis

Phd abstracts,Harvard reviews,Recent case study,
Brown has established new paradigms in critical legal studies and feminist theory. In this work Brown asks how a sense of woundedness can become the basis for individual and collective forms of identity. From outlawing hate speech to banning pornography, Brown argues, well-intentioned attempts at protection can legitimize the state while harming subjects by codifying their identities as helpless or in need of continuous governmental regulation. This book comprises a series of essays on contemporary political issues from the problem of moralism in politics to the legacies of past injustices in the present. This work consists of seven articles responding to particular occasions, each of which «mimic, in certain ways, the experience of the political realm: one is challenged to think here, now, about a problem that is set and framed by someone else, and to do so before a particular audience or in dialogue with others not of one’s own choosing. In this book, Brown subverts the usual and widely accepted notion that tolerance is one of the most remarkable achievements of Western modernity.

At times, it can also be used to justify violence. To substantiate her thesis, Brown examines the tolerance discourse of figures like George W. The two movements delivering such blows, neoliberalism and neoconservatism, feature both resonances and disonances. This book examines the revival of wall-building under shifting conditions of global capitalism. Brown not only problematizes the assumed functions of walls, such as the prevention of crime, migration, smuggling, and so on. She also argues that walling has taken on new a significance due to its symbolic function in an increasingly globalized and precarious world of financial capital. Brown’s study begins by engaging and revising key arguments in Foucault’s The Birth of Biopolitics with the aim of analyzing different ways that democracy is being hollowed out by neoliberal rationality.

She describes neoliberalism as a thoroughgoing attack on the most foundational ideas and practices of democracy. To address such threats, Brown argues, democracy must be reinvigorated not only as an object of theoretical inquiry but also as a site of political struggle. Brown’s latest book is forthcoming with Columbia University Press in 2019. Wendy Brown giving the Democracy Lecture at the HKW Berlin in 2017.

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