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From Euro dream spots to the Newell New books magazine alley, this new star-studded vid from Spitfire burns bright as hell.

Bob Burnquist skates his dreamland in this clip from MOB. Ben, Samarria, Louie, Nestor, Jackson and Zack get caught up in enjoi’s stripes matrix wearing the late grab long sleeve polo shirt. Check out all of the new gear from Lurk Hard in their Spring ’19 catalog. Brad Cromer recently moved to the big apple, the combination of that city and his style on a board is something really special.

From the sun-sparkled beaches of Santa Monica to the grit of DTLA, Sebo and Bret merge their powers to energize the streets. The Momes crew left France and headed to Valencia, Spain to bask in the sun and search out all the amazing spots in the coastal paradise. Check out the video they made from the recent journey. Westgate is one of a kind.

Pure POWER, with style and grace to spare. This is 16 minutes you won’t forget. From Peace to Bog Town, Westgate is on an absolute tear with no signs of pumping the brakes. Filming may be the only thing Brandon wants to do, but we’re glad Gaberman caught some stills to accompany the thrills. No days off with this dude, and it’s all out war on every spot he encounters.

Salomon slashes through the streets, whipping over tall terrain with effortless ease. Mellow tunes, but Austin’s skating keeps the atmosphere red-hot. And that Barley grind at the end? From a pond near you to a screen in front of your face, Frog leaps to life and pushes you to launch immediately. Nothing good in life comes easy and Gabbers is sure as hell down to work his ass off for skateboarding. The man with nothing to fear weighs in on the Scramble. Felipe Nunes refuses to take NO for an answer, forcing his will upon his skateboard and making it submit to his demands.

Eli has engineered a masterful part, one that will stir your stoke levels but also speaks new books magazine the heart. Great skateboarding and the right soundtrack is a powerful combination. Kader has been on a non-stop rampage these past couple years and his all-out blitz on the Scramble trip was no different. That Am status didn’t last too long! From the safety of the FL skateparks to the raw streets of TX, Fabiana is without a doubt living the dream. Some people just look like they’re born to ride the stuntwood.

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Sammy has it all — tricks, style, spots and one of the coolest enders you’ve ever seen. Twenty-two years after J Wray’s fateful flight, Clive Dixon steps into the void—this time with a 16-stair boardslide. Probably, but don’t count yourself out. The opioid epidemic and other public-health emergencies are being aggravated by failings in the criminal-justice system.

After a national disaster, a British doctor began collecting foreboding visions. Soon, they closed in on him. The great Enlightenment impresario Denis Diderot was once a pornographer, pamphleteer, and prisoner. In stories both preposterous and profound, Ingalls exposes the tragedy of domesticity.

The painter is a riddler, even—or especially—when his themes are blatant. The creators’ commitment to their bit pays off, not merely with Y2K-era realism but emotionally, giving every humiliating moment a double edge. In the Texas oil country of Ty Roberts’s movie, throngs of men gouge holes in the land, without a flicker of shame or remorse, and see what wells up. In his new book, the former acting director of the F. Trump-Russia investigation and why it matters. Days after Amazon’s retreat from Queens, the owner of the famed independent bookstore fights an effort to declare her building a landmark. In a room-size simulator, the golf pro Federico Frangiamore helps shoppers perfect their swings.

On the seventy-fifth anniversary of the abstract painter’s death, a group of MOMA curators heads to Cypress Hills Cemetery to pay their respects. Sarah Cooper’s Non-Threatening Leadership Skills for Women! The Google designer turned comedian offers satirical advice on surviving the corporate world. You’ve just given birth to a healthy baby. This is an exciting, exhausting, and overwhelming time.

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