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Jump to navigation Jump to search Negiah also refers to the halakhic concept of having a make a summary of an article for me interest in a dispute.

The me of make for typically followed by Orthodox Jews, with varying levels of observance. Some Orthodox Jews follow the laws with strict of and take a article avoid accidental contact, such summary avoiding sitting next to a member of the opposite sex on a bus, airplane, or other similar seating situation. Others are more lenient, only avoiding purposeful contact. Which individuals does an law apply to?

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The Sifra notes that these verses prohibit a man to «approach to uncover nakedness», rather than simply prohibiting the «uncovering of nakedness», implying a separate prohibition of «approaching» even without sexual intercourse. The same actions are forbidden with a niddah and with a forbidden close relative. The laws do not prohibit touching certain close relatives to whom one is expected not to have sexual attraction: children, siblings, grandchildren, parents, and grandparents. Maimonides and the Shulchan Aruch formulate this prohibition as «hugging, kissing, or enjoying close physical contact». They do not indicate that mere touching is forbidden.

Jonah of Gerona wrote that «any closeness of flesh is forbidden, for example touching the hands of a married woman». Regarding the question of whether all affectionate contact is forbidden, or only lustful sexual contact, R’ Aharon Lichtenstein ruled that even non-sexual affectionate contact is forbidden. Incidental, unintended touch is permitted, for example when riding a crowded bus or train. According to Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, two separate laws underlying the concept of negiah. The first law is the prohibition against close contact with forbidden women.

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