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Law dissertation titles

Look up defense or defence in Wiktionary, the law dissertation titles dictionary.

This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Defense. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. Doctor of Law or Doctor of Laws is a degree in law. In Argentina the Doctor of Laws or Doctor of Juridical Sciences is the highest academic qualification in the field of Jurisprudence.

In Brazil, the Doctor of Laws degree, known in Portuguese as Doutor em Direito or Doutor em Ciências Jurídicas, is the highest academic degree in law available. In some of the country’s most important universities there is a higher title known as livre docência, like the habilitation in some European countries. However, this higher title is not a degree in the strict sense, because livre docência nowadays is an internal title, that applies solely within the institution granting it. The doctoral law dissertation titles is awarded upon the completion and the successful defense of a thesis prepared by the doctoral candidate under the supervision of a tutor.

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The thesis must be examined by a board of five professors, holders of the title of doctor or of a livre docência. Two of the members of the board must be professors from another institution. Unlike the rules of other countries, the Brazilian norms governing the grant of doctoral titles do not require the publication of the thesis as a precondition for the award of the degree. Nevertheless, copies of the thesis must be delivered to the institution’s library.

Usually, doctoral thesis are published by specialized editors after the grant of the doctoral title. If one obtains a doctoral title in a foreign country, one cannot enjoy the academic privileges of the title in Brazil unless the title be first validated by a Brazilian University. There are, however, a few universities that allow «direct» admission to the doctoral course without previous completion of the Master’s course in exceptional circumstances. Usually, one is allowed three years time to complete a Master of Laws degree, and four years time to complete the doctoral course.

So, if one were to graduate from Law School and immediately enter a Master of Laws course and a Doctor of Laws course in immediate succession, that person would become a doctor about seven years after graduating from the Law School. Unlike the Master of Laws dissertation, the Doctoral Thesys must contain an original contribution to the field of Law under study. However, since law schools in Canada generally insist on a prior degree or some equivalent in order to grant admission, it was a more advanced degree than the LL. The majority of Canadian universities now grant that degree rather than the LL. Nowadays, its scholar importancy is quite limited, but it serves as a traditional and popular badge degree, especially useful for attorneys. In older times with no master’s degree, JUDr.

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