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Importance of books essay in urdu

Importance of books essay in urdu Wretched of the Earth, French edition.

It is a detailed explanation of violence in relation to both the colonial world and the process of decolonization. Fanon begins with the premise that decolonization is, by definition, a violent process without exception. The object of that process is the eventual replacement of one group of humans with another, and that process is only complete when the transition is total. One of the temporary consequences of colonization that Fanon talks about is division of the native into three groups. The first is the native worker who is valued by the settler for their labor.

These are, by western standards, the more educated members of the native group who are in many ways recruited by the settler to be spokespeople for their views. Fanon is not wholly understanding of the native. This characterization in many ways is a holdover from Fanon’s schooling in France. Once the idea of revolution is accepted by the native, Fanon describes the process by which it is debated, adjusted, and finally implemented. According to Fanon, the revolution begins as an idea of total systematic change, and through the actual application to real world situations is watered down until it becomes a small shift of power within the existing system.

In this essay Fanon describes many aspects of the violence and response to violence necessary for total decolonization. He also offers cautions about several different approaches to that violence. In the essay, «On National Culture» published in The Wretched of the Earth, Fanon sets out to define how a national culture can emerge among the formerly and, at the time of its release in 1961, still-colonized nations of Africa. To upset the supremacy of the importance of books essay in urdu society, writes Fanon, the colonized intellectual feels the need to return to their so-called ‘barbaric’ culture, to prove its existence and its value in relation to the West.

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Fanon suggests colonized intellectuals often fall into the trap of trying to prove the existence of a common African or ‘Negro’ culture. This is a dead end, according to Fanon, because it was originally the colonists who essentialized all peoples in Africa as ‘Negro’, without considering distinct national cultures and histories. This points to what Fanon sees as one of the limitations of the Négritude movement. An attempt among colonized intellectuals to ‘return’ to the nation’s precolonial culture is then ultimately an unfruitful pursuit, according to Fanon.

Rather than a culture, the intellectual emphasizes traditions, costumes, and clichés, which romanticize history in a similar way as the colonist would. The desire to reconsider the nation’s pre-colonial history, even if it results in orientalized clichés, still marks an important turn according to Fanon, since by rejecting the normalized eurocentrism of colonial thought, these intellectuals provide a «radical condemnation» of the larger colonial enterprise. This radical condemnation attains its full meaning when we consider that the «final aim of colonization,» according to Fanon, «was to convince the indigenous population that it would save them from darkness». A persistent refusal among Indigenous peoples to admonish national traditions in the face of colonial rule, according to Fanon, is a demonstration of nationhood, but one that holds on to a fixed idea of the nation as something of the past, a corpse. Ultimately, Fanon argues the colonized intellectual will have to realize that a national culture is not an historical reality waiting to be uncovered in a return to pre-colonial history and tradition, but is already existing in the present national reality.

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