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How to write a summary on an article

You’re reading How to Write how to write a summary on an article SCP 2.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a member of the SCP Foundation and want to try your hand at an article. This page is to help point you in the right direction when getting started. Read it carefully, don’t skim it. These are necessary for a good SCP. Try to get a clear idea of what your SCP does before starting. Many first SCP articles fail miserably for one reason or another, primarily due to the writer’s lack of experience. Critiques forum or in our IRC rooms.

If your first SCP does fail, try to learn from the experience. See if the idea is salvageable, find out summary worked and what didn’to in terms of writing. Also, please note that posting a crappy SCP to ‘get the bad luck write‘ does nothing except clutter the site up a crap. When writing your first SCP, put your best foot forward, because it is part of the standard by which an future works will be judged. Put actual work up on the site. It’on make people think better of you, it helps improve the site, and how sets an example for the other newbies. Really, the article possible piece of advice that any of us can give is to be patient.

Who reviews articles for peer reviewed journals

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Spend some time to get an idea of how the site works. See what’s good and what’s bad, what’s highest-rated and what gets downvoted. To see what you should do next to write your own SCP, return to the top of this document and choose another tab. The idea is the soul of your story.

Whether it concerns a tale or as an SCP, a good idea will carry you far and help you succeed. If you want to write a creepy article, think of what scares you. The site has its roots in Internet horror, and we try to keep with that tradition. If you want to write a weird article, think out of the box. The stranger and more original your article is, the better it’ll stand out from the crowd.

If none of the above apply, try to find another emotion or reaction you want to evoke from your reader. Maybe you want the reader to feel sad, or amused, or intrigued, so find a way to accomplish that. Try to find an interesting photo. The Internet is a strange, strange place, and there are thousands of weird or creepy photos you can use as the seed for an idea. Something unusual, to grab the reader’s attention that inspires your imagination.

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