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How to write a critical biography cbh

This is how to write a critical biography cbh latest version of FNM’s FAQ.

To avoid any discrepancies or controversies, answers are taken from band members as often as possible. London, Polydor, and the CV Mailing List for helpful information. With Special thanks to Simone Turkington- lots of co-writing, Heather Scott- editing, assistance in co-writing, Mike Altman- assistance in co-writing, Star Leigh Wall- assistance in co-writing and editing, and Nick Chester- assistance in co-writing. William David Gould Junior, more commonly known as Billy Gould. Bill was born in Los Angeles on 24th April 1963. He went to school in LA with Roddy Bottum.

He currently lives in San Francisco and had been in the band since 1982. Roswell Christopher Bottum, Roddy Bottum to us all. He was born in Los Angeles on 1st July 1963. He is a classically trained pianist who also lives in San Francisco and had been in the band since 1982. Michael Andrew Bordin, also known as «Puffy».

Mike Bordin was born in San Francisco on 27th November 1962. His nickname Puffy, which first used to be Puff Head, came from his hair style as a teenager. He had a really puffy afro and Jim Martin came up with the idea to call Mike Puffy. He studied African rhythms and is left-handed. He’d also been in FNM since 1982. Michael Allan Patton, commonly known as Mike Patton. Mike Patton was born on 27th January 1968 in Eureka, CA.

He joined Faith No More in 1988. He lives in both San Francisco and Bologna Italy. Hudson was the band’s last guitar player. He joined FNM in 1996, and contributed to the writing of ‘Album Of The Year’. Before Faith No More, he played in a Bay Area band called Systems Collapse. Faith No Man was an early configuration of Faith No More.

It had Mike Bordin on drums, Wade Worthington on keyboards, Billy Gould on bass and Mike «The Man» Morris on guitar and vocals. After about a year of existence, Worthington how to write a critical biography cbh the band, at which point Billy invited his roommate Roddy Bottum to take his place at the keys. Bill, Puffy and Roddy all got along well with this collaboration, yet they all had a problem with the singer. He was older, bossier and tried to dictate how they should dress to suit his vision of the band.

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So as a polite means of firing him, the remaining three quit. Now free to pursue their own direction, the band became increasingly bizarre. With «The Man» out of the band, they needed a new name. Faith No More, seeing as The Man was essentially no more.

So in 1982, Faith No More was finally born. One 7″ single was released under Faith No Man. It contained two songs «Quiet in Heaven» and «Song of Liberty», on Propaganda Records. Was Courtney Love really in Faith No More?

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