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How to write a case study

Professional readers how to write a case study your case study to follow this structure, too.

The audience that really matters for your publication—your thesis supervisor, his PhD advisor or program committee members—all are professional readers. The goal of this article is to describe this structure: the basic how to write a case study blocks of thesis chapters or paper sections that make up case study presentations. It is meant as an introduction and thus necessarily skips details. For further reading, this article contains links at the end.

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As a reader, I expect each section to answer a specific set of questions. In the following, I describe the gist of each section, its set of questions and common mistakes. To make the sections more tangible, I use part of a study from one of our papers. The study investigates inconsistencies in code clones. Research Questions This section states the questions that the study aims to answer and their rationale.

In my paper, RQ 1 is Are clones changed inconsistently? Why the research questions are relevant. A frequent mistake is missing rationale. In such papers, the motivation behind the research question often remains unclear or unconvincing. Some background on the example paper: code clones are duplicated pieces of source code in a software systems.

They hinder software maintenance, since changes must often be made to all clone instances. If a clone gets forgotten during such a change, the code becomes inconsistent. This inconsistency can be a bug. What I wanted to investigate with my study, was how big of a problem this is in practice. One the one hand, I had seen some instances of inconsistent clones that suspiciously looked like bugs.

On the other hand, I had no idea how frequently this occurred, and if this really was problematic in practice. The rationale of the first research question was to understand if inconsistent changes to clones happen at all, and how often. In the example, the study objects were the 5 systems that I searched for clones. The relevant characteristics comprise programming language, size, age, number of developers and a short description of their functionality. This is relevant, since choice can influence study result validity. In the clone paper, however, I needed to do interviews with the system’s developers for later questions.

A representation is a sequence of bytes, plus dissertion meaning metadata to describe those bytes.
Unlike single-prompt supplements, supplements with multiple short prompts require you to utilize several different topics.

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