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How to develop hypotheses for research

Biomarker research is how to develop hypotheses for research how the pharma industry approaches a number of challenging therapeutic areas.

Translational medicine plays a critical role in advancing this emerging field of research. D departments with the capabilities to generate better hypotheses, implement new insights in clinical trials, and accelerate their pipelines, biomarkers have been able to quickly impact the treatment landscape for patients. Pharm Exec recently spoke with Saurabh Saha, M. Pharm Exec: Can you outline the current opportunities and advancements in the biomarker market? What key challenges remain in translational medicine? Translational medicine includes all of the activities that are necessary to profile a patient’how to develop hypotheses for research disease biology so we can provide the patient with as many treatment options as possible, and to increase both the speed and success of our drugs through the clinic.

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Every patient has a unique disease biology, which means there are no one-size-fits-all approaches to treating many conditions. Another challenge is that in order to help streamline clinical trials and develop safe and effective therapies at a faster rate, we need to continue finding new ways to generate more actionable, testable hypotheses, while focusing our efforts on the ones most likely to succeed. What distinguishes BMS’s activities in this area from what you’ve seen in your previous roles? I believe what makes Bristol-Myers Squibb unique is that we invest an enormous amount of time and resources across all areas of translational medicine and push the boundaries of science.

Additionally, our translational medicine team is truly a core group. As global head of translational medicine, can you outline how your activities will have global reach? I am responsible for overseeing our robust translational medicine program and driving early clinical development across the pipeline, with the goal of driving new compounds to clinical trials, and hopefully one day, regulatory approval. Given Bristol-Myers Squibb’s global presence, I have an excellent opportunity to drive our research and development efforts worldwide.

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