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Great critical thinkers

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7 0 224 0 great 57. The best problem solvers see a complex problem through multiple lenses. Thinkers’s how to become a better strategic thinker and leader yourself. In 2009, J D Wetherspoon, critical chain of more than 800 pubs in the UK, was facing declining sales. Demand for beer had been down for five years.

Using critical thinking

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What would you say is the company’s real business problem? Most people see it as a sales problem and recommend better marketing and promotion. But this reflex may be wrong. In Wetherspoon’s case, the company examined the problem more deeply, looked at data, and framed the situation from multiple angles. In the end, they found the real problem: A subtle but profound shift in consumer preferences. As a result, the chain responded with much bolder actions, transforming all its pubs into family friendly cafes during day hours.

Wetherspoon saw its earnings per share jump by 7. 1 percent in the first year. Exploring multiple problem framings, by zooming out rather than in, gets you to the root of issues and more creative solutions. If you fail to do this, you risk solving the wrong problem. Ironically, the more experience you have, the harder it will to break from conventional mindsets. Leading companies often get stuck in old business models.

Although the etiology of epilepsy is still not fully understood, it is quite treatable due to advances in modern medicine.
I clearly saw how a nurse thesis research proposal her nurturing characteristics, she had shown with her young patient, distinguished her from the other health care professionals.

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