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Graduate application essay

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CGU is the oldest all-graduate institution in the United States, with many notable alumni in different fields all over the world. Founded in 1925, CGU was the second of the Claremont Colleges to form, graduate application essay Pomona College and preceding Scripps College. Claremont Graduate University is the oldest remaining all-graduate university in the United States.

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The school has undergone several name changes since its inception. The Claremont Colleges were designed to incorporate the Oxford Model of higher education. Instead of one large university composed of several separate schools, the Claremont Colleges are made up of different institutions designed around differing theories of pedagogy. The school is home to more than 2,000 master’s and PhD students, as well as approximately 200 full and part-time faculty members.

The School of Arts and Humanities includes departments in the fields of Art, Arts Management, Religion, Music, English, Cultural Studies, Archival Studies, Media Studies, History, and Applied Women’s Studies. These subjects have an interest in interdisciplinary studies that provide disciplinary depth as well as cross-disciplinary flexibility. SSSPE encompasses the Division of Politics and Economics and the Division of Behavioral and Organizational Sciences. Formed in 2008, the School of Community and Global Health is dedicated to generating scientific knowledge about the causes and prevention of disease and the improvement of health and well-being of diverse populations locally and globally. The school is responsible for training professional practitioners to translate prevention science into improved practice and policy for health promotion and disease prevention at the individual, community and global levels. The School of Educational Studies offers the M.

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