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Ghazal sadat biography wikipedia

Hindustani film actress and playback ghazal sadat biography wikipedia in Bollywood.

She was active from 1936 to 1963. In a career spanning from 1936 to 1963, Suraiya acted in 67 films and sang 338 songs. She was one of the greatest actresses of the Hindi Cinema and a leading lady in Bollywood in 1940s and 1950s. A Muslim, Suraiya had a relationship with Hindu actor Dev Anand and her romance with him attracted much attention. However, she never married him as her maternal grandmother did not allow her to marry a Hindu. Suraiya as a child artist in 1936.

Suraiya was born Suraiya Jamaal Sheikh on 15 June 1929 in Lahore to Aziz Jamaal Sheikh and Mumtaz Sheikh. Soon they were joined by her maternal uncle, M. Zahoor, who became a well known villain in Bombay film industry of nineteen thirties. Suraiya made her debut as a child actor in Madame Fashion in 1936 as Miss Suraiya, along with Nargis as Baby Rani. The film was directed by Jaddan Bai, mother of Nargis, with Jaddan Bai herself as heroine, and the music and songs were also written and sung by her.

Bombay, as a six-year old, Raj Kapoor and Madan Mohan were her co-artists. In fact, they first introduced her to AIR. Both were associated ghazal sadat biography wikipedia her later as an adult, as her hero and as her music director respectively in films. This five-year contract was revoked by Devika Rani on Suraiya’s request, when K. As an adult, Suraiya initially played as Prithviraj’s sister in K.

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Munawwar Sultana as the lead actress. In the late 1940s, she worked with Dev Anand. From the late 1940s to the early 1950s, Suraiya was the highest-paid and most popular star of the Indian cinema. 1954 ‘National Award for Best Feature Film’ in India, Suraiya shone both as an actress and as a singer for her rendition of Ghalib’s lover, ‘Chaudvin’. Dilip Kumar during the shooting of the film, when he tore her blouse and bruised her back so badly that it took a month to heal.

Suraiya knew that censors would not pass it. Sohrab Modi, when Suraiya had become a busy heroine and had left singing playback in films for Mehtab. Suraiya then sang for Mehtab, in her own disc versions which were recorded by Shamshad Begum in the film. Suraiya debuted with Manna Dey in his first Hindi film song, and their only duet ‘Jago ayee usha’ in Tamanna in 1942, was directed by his uncle, the famous K. In 1943, Suraiya sang a song «Ek tu hoo, ek main hoon», music composed by Naushad, in the film ‘Kanoon’, which was the first song in Bombay music industry, which had characteristics of Latin American music.

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