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Geography dissertation titles

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Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. This article needs additional citations for verification. Location of Fort Smith in Sebastian County, Arkansas. Fort Smith is the second-largest city in Arkansas and one of the two county seats of Sebastian County.

Fort Smith lies on the Arkansas-Oklahoma state border, situated at the confluence of the Arkansas and Poteau rivers, also known as Belle Point. Fort Smith was established as a western frontier military post in 1817, when it was also a center of fur trading. In 2007, the city of Fort Smith was selected by the United States Department of the Interior as the site of the new United States Marshals Service National Museum, slated to open in 2019. This area was occupied for thousands of years by indigenous peoples, attracted to the advantageous site near the rivers. They used the waterways for transportation and trading, and to supply fish and water for their villages. The French claimed this area as part of their New France and La Louisiane. The US founded Fort Smith in 1817 as a military post.

A stockade was built and occupied from 1817 until 1822 by a small troop of regulars commanded by Major William Bradford. A small settlement began forming around the fort, but the Army abandoned the first Fort Smith in 1824 and moved 80 miles further west to Fort Gibson. Due to the strategic location of this site, the federal government re-established a military presence at Fort Smith during the geography dissertation titles era of Indian Removal, primarily of tribes from the American Southeast to west of the Mississippi River in Indian Territory, which is now Oklahoma. In 1838 the Army moved back into the old military post near Belle Point, and expanded the base. Remnants of the Five Civilized Tribes remained in the southeast, and their descendants in some cases have reorganized and been federally recognized.

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As a result, the US acquired large territories in the Southwest, and later annexed the Republic of Texas, which had been independent for some years. Sebastian County was formed in 1851, separated from Crawford County north of the Arkansas River. During the early years of the U. Civil War, the fort was occupied by the Confederate Army. Union troops under General Steele took control of Fort Smith on September 1, 1863. Two of Fort Smith’s most notable historic figures were Judge Isaac Parker and William Henry Harrison Clayton, also known as W.

Judge Isaac Parker served as U. He was nicknamed the «Hanging Judge»: in his first term after assuming his post, he tried 18 people for murder, convicted 15 of them, and sentenced eight of those to die. Six of these men were later hanged on the same day. Over the course of his career in Fort Smith, Parker sentenced 160 people to death. Of those, 79 were executed on the gallows. William Clayton served as US Attorney under four different presidents and later was appointed as Chief Justice of Indian Territory.

During investment in the military prior to World War II, the Army returned to Fort Smith in 1941. It established the Fort Chaffee Military Reservation east of the city. On April 21, 1996, a large tornado, part of the April 1996 Tornado Outbreak Sequence, destroyed and heavily damaged much of historic downtown Fort Smith around the Garrison Avenue Bridge. According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 64.

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