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Evaluative annotated bibliography

This article includes a list of references, but its sources remain unclear because it has evaluative annotated bibliography inline citations.

Miscue analysis was originally developed by Ken Goodman for the purpose of understanding the reading process. The term «miscue» was initiated by Ken Goodman to describe an observed response in the reading process that does not match the expected response. Goodman uses the term «miscue,» rather than «error» or «mistake» to avoid value implications. Miscue analysis procedures include the collection and examination of a single and complete oral reading experience followed by a retelling. Miscue analysis differs significantly from other laboratory-centered or experimental diagnostic and evaluative instruments in that miscue research studies reading in as natural a condition as possible, with readers orally reading authentic and complete stories they have not been exposed to before. A key assumption of miscue analysis is that what readers do is neither accidental nor random. Such analysis has made an ideological shift away from a deficit-oriented view of readers’ weaknesses toward a view that appreciates the linguistic strengths that readers bring to the reading process as they construct meaning from a text.

The most basic contribution of miscue analysis to knowledge of the reading process is its demonstration that reading is an active, receptive language process. Goodman’s approach has been criticized by other researchers who favor a phonics-based approach, and present research to support their viewpoint. From this perspective, good readers use evaluative annotated bibliography as their primary approach to reading, and use context to confirm that what they have read makes sense.

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Good readers decode rapidly and automatically. When students look at pictures as a reference, a strategy that is encouraged by whole language proponents, they will sometimes stop at the unknown word, look at the picture or consider the overall meaning of the sentence, then say a word that makes sense in context, rather than use graphophonemic clues. With such an approach, a child may read «I see a bunny,» when in fact the last word in the sentence might read as «rabbit. Critics of the phonics-based perspective point out that fluent readers are those who read both effectively and efficiently. They argue that to conceptualize fluent reading as involving a word-for-word match promotes an inefficient or slow and labored approach to reading. Regardless of one’s position on the centrality of phonics in reading, self-monitoring for meaning-making is critically important.

From both a transactional perspective and a perspective that puts more emphasis on phonics in word solving, many poor readers will use the first letter or letters to guess at the identity of the word, and then continue reading even though the sentence with the inserted or miscued word does not make sense. Studies in miscue analysis: An annotated bibliography. Theoretically based studies of patterns of miscues in oral reading performance, final report. Analysis of oral reading miscues: Applied psycholinguistics». Miscues: «Windows on the reading process. Books on bridge and its predecessor games have spanned centuries with the earliest known popular book on the subject of Whist having been published by Edmond Hoyle in 1742 or 1743.

1886: Evidence that Bridge-Whist has emerged with John Collinson’s four page pamphlet entitled Biritch, or Russian Whist. 1925: a significant new scoring system was proposed by Harold Vanderbilt introducing the concept of vulnerability, large bonuses for slams and heavy penalties for undertricks. Within two years, «Auction was swept off the tables» in the dawn of modern contract bridge. 1935: numerous books on bidding are published and compete for status as the ‘official system’ of choice.

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