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It was dissertation writer as the Pacific Bible Institute in 1944 by the Pacific District Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches.

At the time of its founding, Pacific Bible Institute was located in a large home at 1095 N. There were five staff members and twenty-eight students. By 1958, land was purchased for the construction of the current campus near the corner of Butler and Chestnut, along with the Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary and the new Butler Avenue Mennonite Brethren Church. Construction began on a new classroom building that year, and two dormitory buildings one year later. The Bible Institute became an accredited junior college in 1961, and decided to develop a four-year program two years later, in 1963. In 1964, Pacific Bible Institute changed its name to Pacific College, and became accredited with the WASC the next year. In 2010 the Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary became a part of the university, and changed its name to Fresno Pacific University Biblical Seminary.

Administrative Committee last half of year, Dr. Fresno Pacific offers bachelor’s degrees in more than 40 fields with over 100 areas of study. In February 2009 Fresno Pacific University began offering a «Four Year Graduation Guarantee. 15 percent in the CSU system. The university will guarantee graduation within four years to qualified students entering the traditional undergraduate program. The guarantee is limited to basic graduation requirements for a single major with no minor.

Transfer, degree completion and graduate students are not part of the guarantee. Sign up for the guarantee during the freshman year, choose a major by the second semester of the freshman year and keep that major until graduation. Make course plans with their adviser, follow those plans and meet all advising, registration and financial aid deadlines. Complete at least 32 units per year with passing grades in each course and remain in good standing behaviorally. Fresno Pacific University’s main 50-acre campus is located in the south east area of Fresno, hub of the Central Valley region of California and the fifth largest city in the state. Named for early Anabaptist leader Michael Sattler in 1973. Named for Arthur and Lydia Krause in 1990.

Further units added to in 1962. Named for Marvin and Loree Schlichting in 1994. Named for Al and Dotty Warkentine in 1989. Named for Cornelius and Elizabeth Hiebert, the primary contributors. Named for early Anabaptist leader Pilgram Marpeck in 1973. Part of Witmarsum Quad, renamed for former college president Richard Kriegbaum.

Named for the village of Witmarsum, birthplace of Menno Simons, in 1973. Named for the city writer Strasbourg, where early Dissertation often sought refuge, in 1973. Named for Silas Bartsch and his wife Nadine Bartsch. Silas was an administrator and former interim president.

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The building was an existing residence which was purchased and remodeled. Named for Arthur and Evelyn Wiebe. Arthur was a former president and member of the faculty, as well as the president of the AIMS Foundation, which provided a large portion of the funding. Formerly known as East Hall, changed in 2017 to current name. Named for The AIMS Foundation, which provided a large portion of the funding by means of a grant.

Named for Marvin and Nadine Steinert, primary contributors. Previously the administration building of Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary, which became a part of the university in 2010. Previously a classroom, student center, and office building of Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary. The Fresno Pacific Sunbirds compete in the Pacific West Conference of the NCAA Division II. The athletics mascot is Sunny the Sunbird. Sunny is a much loved figure in the campus community.

The Wittenberg Door, a board located in the atrium of Steinert Campus Center, near the entrance to the dining room, is a place for the exchange of ideas. People are free to post expressions of their views, but are asked to write pieces in a charitable spirit and to include the writer’s name. It was built in approximately 1983, and the original version was located in Alumni Hall when it still served as the campus cafeteria. The Mennonite Central Committee holds its annual West Coast Relief Sale and Auction on the campus during the first weekend in April, at approximately 4:00┬áp.

Karl Dewazien, Pioneer for the sport of soccer in the United States. Founding member of the California Youth Soccer Association and well-published author. Dan Quisenberry, former Major League Baseball all-star pitcher for the Kansas City Royals. Thiesen, nationally known triple jump and long jump coach that has worked with U. Peters, George W and Richard D.

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