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Dissertation method

Jump to navigation Jump to search This dissertation method is about a software testing methodology.

The Classification Tree Method is a method for test design, as it is used in different areas of software development. It was developed by Grimm and Grochtmann in 1993. Combination of different classes from all classifications into test cases. These aspects form the input and output data space of the test object. The second step of test design then follows the principles of combinatorial test design.

While the method can be applied using a pen and a paper, the usual way involves the usage of the Classification Tree Editor, a software tool implementing the classification tree method. The CTM is a black-box testing method and supports any type of system under test. With a selected system under test, the first step of the classification tree method is the identification of test relevant aspects. Any system under test can be described by a set of classifications, holding both input and output parameters. The maximum number of test cases is the Cartesian product of all classes of all classifications in the tree, quickly resulting in large numbers for realistic test problems. The minimum number of test cases is the number of classes in the classification with the most containing classes.

In the second step, test cases are composed by selecting exactly one class from every classification of the classification tree. The selection of test cases originally was a manual dissertation method to be performed by the test engineer. For a database system, test design has to be performed.

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Applying the classification tree method, the identification of test relevant aspects gives the classifications: User Privilege, Operation and Access Method. For the User Privileges, two classes can be identified: Regular User and Administrator User. The first step of the classification tree method now is complete. Of course, there are further possible test aspects to include, e. Using the graphical representation in terms of a tree, the selected aspects and their corresponding values can quickly be reviewed.

A regular user adds a new data set to the database using the native tool. An administrator user edits an existing data set using the Firefox browser. A regular user deletes a data set from the database using the API. Notation: CPM only had a textual notation, whereas CTM uses a graphical, tree-shaped representation.

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