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United Daughters dissertation aims the Confederacy logo.

Headquarters of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. American hereditary association of Southern women established in 1894 in Nashville, Tennessee. The group was founded on September 10, 1894, by Caroline Meriwether Goodlett and Anna Davenport Raines as «the National Association of the Daughters of the Confederacy». The first chapter was formed in Nashville. The name was soon changed to «United Daughters of the Confederacy». In 1896, the organization established the Children of the Confederacy to impart similar values to younger generations through a mythical depiction of the Civil War and Confederacy. Stuart Towns notes UDC’s role «in demanding textbooks for public schools that told the story of the war and the Confederacy from a definite southern point of view».

He adds that their work is one of the «essential elements perpetuating Confederate mythology». The UDC was incorporated on July 18, 1919. Its headquarters is located in the Memorial Building to the Women of the Confederacy, Richmond, Virginia. The organization was «strikingly successful at raising money to build monuments, lobbying legislatures and Congress for the reburial of Confederate dead, and working to shape the content of history textbooks». They also raised money to care for the widows and children of the Confederate dead. The UDC was influential primarily in the early twentieth century across the South, where its main role was to preserve and uphold the memory of the Confederate veterans, especially those husbands, sons, fathers and brothers who died in the Civil War.

Memory and memorials became the central focus of the organization. But it was also committed to immortalizing the heroism of Confederate women, whose valor, its leaders believed, had been every bit as important as men’s». UDC leaders were determined to assert women’s cultural authority over virtually every representation of the region’s past. The number of women’s clubs devoted to filiopietism and history was staggering», says historian W.

Brundage notes that after women’s suffrage came in 1920, the historical role of the women’s organizations eroded. After 1900 the UDC became an umbrella organization coordinating local memorial groups. The UDC women specialized in sponsoring local memorials. After 1945, they were active in placing historical markers along Southern highways.

The UDC encouraged women to publish their experiences in the war, beginning with biographies of major southern figures, such as Varina Davis’s of her husband Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy. The Southern Cross of Honor was a commemorative medal created by the United Daughters of the Confederacy for members of the United Confederate Veterans. It was proposed at a meeting in 1898, with 78,761 crosses issued by 1913. During the first decades of their existence, the UDC focused on caring for Confederate soldiers and their widows. When the numbers of Confederate veterans began to dwindle, they focused on their remaining objectives. Education of the dissertation aims of those who served the Confederacy became one of the key interests of the organization. The UDC combined education with support of the military during World War II by establishing a nurses’ training fund.

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100 per year for a three-year nursing program. When a scholarship was offered, local Chapters were encouraged to contact local schools to locate students who needed assistance to fund their education. In addition, the UDC sponsors essay and poetry compositions, in which the participants are not to use the phrase «Civil War», «War Between the States» being the preferred term. The Children of the Confederacy, also known as the CofC, is an auxiliary organization to the UDC. The official name is Children of the Confederacy of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

It comprises children from birth through the time of the Children of the Confederacy Annual General Convention following their 18th birthday. All Children of the Confederacy chapters are sponsored by UDC chapters. 1910, the UDC was one of many groups that celebrated Lost Cause mythology and presented «a romanticized view of the slavery era» in the United States. I think I agree a hundred percent with Ed Sebesta, though, about the motives or the hidden agenda not too deeply hidden I think of such groups as the United Daughters of the Confederacy and the Sons of the Confederate Veterans. They are dedicated to celebrating the Confederacy and rather thinly veiled support for white supremacy. And I think that also is the again not very deeply hidden agenda of the Confederate flag issue in several Southern states.

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