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Developing a thesis statement

Jump to navigation Jump to search Geospatial coordinate system for specifying the exact location of a geospatial point at, below, or above the surface developing a thesis statement the earth at a given moment of time.

Not to be confused with Geotagging. This article needs additional citations for verification. The geographic coordinates representing locations often vary greatly in positional accuracy. Roger Tomlinson, who has since been acknowledged as the father of GIS. 4 codes were brought about as an extra identifier in more accurately locating addresses.

In 1964, the Harvard Laboratory for Computer Graphics and Spatial Analysis developed groundbreaking software code — e. GRID, and SYMAP — all of which were sources for commercial development of GIS. In the late 1970s, two main public domain geocoding platforms were in development: GRASS GIS and MOSS. The end of the 20th century had seen geocoding become more user-oriented, especially via open-source GIS software. Mapping applications and geospatial data had become more accessible over the Internet. Bureau of Census was able to put together developing a thesis statement large geospatial database, using interpolated street geocoding. Containing address ranges instead of individual addresses, TIGER has since been implemented in nearly all geocoding software platforms used today.

Writing thesis statement

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TIGER was the breakthrough for «big data» geospatial solutions. In 2003, geocoding platforms were capable of merging postal codes with street data, updated monthly. This process became known as «conflation». Beginning in 2005, geocoding platforms included parcel-centroid geocoding.

Parcel-centroid geocoding allowed for a lot of precision in geocoding an address. For example, parcel-centroid allowed a geocoder to determine the centroid of a specific building or lot of land. Platforms were now also able to determine the elevation of specific parcels. A jurisdiction’s tax assessor was able to assign this number to parcels of real estate. This allowed for proper identification and record-keeping. In 2006, Reverse Geocoding and reverse APN lookup were introduced to geocoding platforms. This involved geocoding a numerical point location — with a longitude and latitude — to a textual, readable address.

These platforms were made even more accessible to the public with the simultaneous growth of the mobile industry, specifically smartphones. This current decade has seen vendors fully supporting geocoding and reverse geocoding globally. There is now a popularity in the idea of geocoding being able to influence business decisions. This is the integration between the geocoding process and business intelligence. The future of geocoding also involves three-dimensional geocoding, indoor geocoding, and multiple language returns for the geocoding platforms.

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