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Designing a case study

Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure designing a case study’re not a robot.

Enter the characters you see below Designing, we just study to make sure you’re not a robot. How to conduct a Case Study? When students begin caseĀ  Architecture at a University, the first thing that they are supposed to become excellent at, is doing a documentation or a case a. It could be a case study of a small village, town, a villa, a bus-stop, or a high-rise commercial or residential building.

Method case study

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A case study is an in-depth investigation of a single individual, group, incident, or community. What is the purpose of conducting a Case Study? As the term Case Study suggests, it is the study of a particular case that is similar to your topic of design project. Doing a case study will help you understand the various aspects that you have to consider while designing.

Literature Case study Before you start with your live case studies, first of all do a complete literature case study. Literature case study consists of reading everything you can find on the subject. You can refer books in a library, use Google to look up research papers, check out Standard Code books and statutory laws or from technical journals. A literature case study would give you a vague idea about your topic.

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