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Demystifying dissertation writing

Demystifying dissertation writing the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot.

Prior to taking up my post at Sheffield I worked at the University of Essex for 11 years as Teaching Fellow, Lecturer, then Senior Lecturer. My primary research interests lie in the areas of academic writing, English for specific and academic purposes, academic literacy, materials and textbook design, and corpus-driven pedagogy. Talk, Journal of Second Language Writing, Written Communication, and Journal of Writing Research. At master’s level I contribute to the Research Methods module, and teach modules entitled Teaching Writing in TESOL and Researching Writing in TESOL in the second semester. At undergraduate level I convene the module Introduction to Linguistics.

Helping master’s students navigate dissertation supervision: research-informed discussion and awareness-raising activities. Adaptive master’s dissertation supervision: a longitudinal case study. What do proofreaders of student writing do to a master’s essay? What can we learn from mainstream education textbook research? L2 writing in test and non-test situations: process and product. English Language Teaching Textbooks: Content, Consumption, Production.

Content, consumption, and production: three levels of textbook research. An experienced teacher’s use of the textbook on an academic English course: a case study. Teachers’ conceptualization and use of the textbook on a medical English course. Task requirements, task representation, demystifying dissertation writing citation functions: an interview-based study of the citing behaviour of a successful L2 student writer. Journal of English for Academic Purposes 12: 110-124. Foreign Language Teaching and Research Publishing.

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The role of proofreaders of student writing. Studies in Higher Education 37: 569-584. Performance in the citing behavior of two student writers. Issues in materials development and design. Research-based materials to demystify academic citation for postgraduates.

Ethics and integrity in proofreading: findings from an interview-based study. English for Specific Purposes 29: 54-67. Proofreading in a UK university: proofreaders’ beliefs, practices, and experiences. Journal of Second Language Writing 18: 166-190. An interview-based study of the functions of citations in academic writing across two disciplines. Publication outlets and their effect on academic writers’ citations. Citers’ use of citees’ names: findings from a qualitative interview-based study.

This is too formal for us’: a case study of variation in the written products of a multinational consortium. Political scientists on the functions of personal pronouns in their writing: an interview-based study of I and we. In this article I aim to do just that’. WE in academic writing across four disciplines. I hoped to counteract the memory problem, but I made no impact whatsoever’: discussing methods in computing science using I. English for Specific Purposes 24: 243-267.

Revised NEO Personality Inventory (NEO-PI-R) and the NEO Five-Factor Inventory (NEO-FFI): Professional Manual.
Mais ce n’est pas du dissertation analysis ce qu’on vous demande!

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