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Dedication thesis

Temple Dedication thesis in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Like other LDS temples, it is considered sacred by the church and its members and a temple recommend is required to enter, so there are no public tours inside the temple as there are for other adjacent buildings on Temple Square. The temple includes some elements thought to evoke Solomon’s Temple at Jerusalem. The official name of the Salt Lake Temple is also unique. In 1999, as the building of LDS temples accelerated, the church announced a formal naming convention for all existing and future temples.

The temple is located in downtown Salt Lake City, with several mountain peaks close by. Nearby, a shallow stream, City Creek, splits and flows both to the west and to the south, flowing into the Jordan River. The temple is considered the house of God and is reserved for special ceremonies for practicing Latter-Day Saints. The main ordinance rooms are used during the endowment ceremony—namely the garden, telestial, terrestrial, and celestial rooms in that order of use. The temple also serves as a place for marriage sealing ceremonies for live and deceased persons.

Other rituals performed in the temple include the second anointing ordinance for live and deceased persons, and meeting rooms for church leaders. The location for the temple was first marked by Mormon prophet Brigham Young, the second president of the church, on July 28, 1847, just four days after arriving in the Salt Lake Valley. Sandstone was originally used for the foundation. During the Utah War, the foundation was buried and the lot made to look like a plowed field to prevent unwanted attention from federal troops. After tensions had eased in 1858 and work on the temple resumed, it was discovered that many of the foundation stones had cracked, making them unsuitable for use. The capstone—the granite sphere that holds the statue of the Angel Moroni—was laid on April 6, 1892, by means of an electric motor and switch operated by Wilford Woodruff, the church’s fourth president, thus completing work on the temple’s exterior.

The Angel Moroni statue, standing 12. The Salt Lake Temple incorporates many symbolic adornments including Masonic symbols. Symbolism is an important subject in the LDS faith. Infographic of the locations and details of some Salt Lake Temple exterior symbols.

The center tower on each side contains a depiction of the All-Seeing Eye of God representing how Dedication thesis sees all things. Original 1854 design of the East side showing the horizontal angel, sun faces, earth details, and compass and square window details. These elements were later modified or removed. The golden Angel Moroni placed on the capstone of the temple symbolizes the angel mentioned in Revelation 14:6 that will come to welcome in the Second Coming of Christ.

Thesis methodology

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On the west side of the temple the Big Dipper appears, which represents how the priesthood can help people find their way to heaven as the constellation helped travelers find the North Star. The uppermost stars on the temple’s constellation align with the actual North Star. These symbols had appeared on the Nauvoo Temple weathervane. Above each external door and doorknob appears the «hand clasp,» which is a representation of covenants that are made within temples or brotherly love. The earthstones in the lower buttresses have been interpreted as the gospel of Christ spreading over the whole Earth. An original 1854 elevation plan showing the saturn stones, earth stone detail, sun faces, and square and compass window accents.

The six spires of the temple represent the power of the priesthood. The sunstones have also been interpreted to represent God, the moonstones in different phases as representing different phases of life, and the starstones representing Jesus Christ. The temple has been damaged by two separate bombing incidents. This damaged the trumpet of the Moroni statue atop the temple. The temple suffered light to moderate damage in 1999 when a tornado rated F2 on the Fujita Scale struck Salt Lake City around 12:45 PM.

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