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Critical reviews

The fourth season of the legal drama series Damages premiered on the Audience Network, critical reviews entertainment channel owned by DirecTV, on July 13, 2011 and concluded on September 14, 2011.

The fourth season takes place three years after the Tobin case. Ellen has moved on with her life. Now an attorney working for another NYC firm, she’s content with her cases and colleagues. Deep down, however, she wants a bigger challenge. When she discovers an old high-school boyfriend has been through a traumatic experience while working for High Star, a private security firm hired by the U.

Two and a half years after the death of Tom Shayes, Ellen Parsons has a new job and a new boyfriend. Polk but feels that the company does not respect her legal input. She begins an interest in Critical reviews Erickson and his private military company, High Star Security.

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Afghan boy brings a sandwich to a person who is tied to a chair with a cloth covering their face. The Afghan boy watches as two masked figures threaten the person’s life. Polk’s senior partners, Ellen is determined to try the case on her own but needs Patty’s resources in order to do so. She refuses to ask Patty for help, not wanting to owe her former boss anything. Associates and files her case against High Star. Chris provides testimony from Afghanistan via video link, but after being threatened by Anthony Carter, reverses his testimony.

During the deposition, he sends Ellen a coded message that leads her to a friend of his, a vet who may know more than she thinks she does about the final High Star mission. An alternate time-line reveals what happened to Michael after he caused Patty’s car accident. He steals a car from his friend and heads to Boston, hoping to stay with a longtime friend, Henry, in his dorm. After being rejected, he spends some time as a homeless man before giving his car to a drug dealer in order to take over his territory on the Boston nightclub scene. The Muslim man turns out to be Nassim Marwat, a friend of Sanchez’s who presents Ellen with Chris’ military medallion and offers her information about what is happening in Afghanistan. Ellen and Patty have decided to move Nasim to a safer place.

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