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Creating case studies

Air pollution in Greece has creating case studies a serious environmental problem in the last decades.

Rapid and disorganized urbanization of cities, lack of infrastructure and an increasing motor vehicle fleet in urban regions were the main causes of air quality deterioration in the country. In 2017, the Manchester Airport was the third busiest airport in the United Kingdom with more than 27 million passengers. Libelium’s Meshlium Scanner to detect smartphones and cellular devices, measuring people’s movements inside the airport. Six devices were installed across the terminals in order to understand flows, detect and prevent eventual bottlenecks and especially ensure people’s security. 2018 shows that air quality remains the main priority of European ports. Aware of this, the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands has been working hard since 2016 to also know the level of air quality, capacity, alignment with the Environmental Policy of the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands. Almost two years data gathering after the installation of the nodes, the Balearic Harbors Authority has reached the first conclusions from the data captured by the network of nodes.

Unfortunately, water pollution is a major issue in this country, with more than 10 million Russians currently lacking access to quality drinking water. Health surveillance is one of the objectives of the occupational risk prevention regulations. Companies develop active prevention creating case studies and promote healthy habits among their workers to improve their health and prevent accidents at work. Libelium has developed a project to test the accuracy of weather stations that includes its IoT platform in comparison with the professional station of AEMET.

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The results obtained in the comparative study show that the station behaves in parallel and with the same precision as the official AEMET meteorological station, both in terms of wind speed and direction and in terms of accumulated precipitation parameters. Ozone is one of the major pollutants in Europe, excessive exposure to ground-level ozone is estimated to cause about 20,000 premature deaths per year in Europe, according to the European Environment Agency. European Union project CAPTOR measures tropospheric ozone in areas where levels usually exceed regular values. Libelium sensors are used to control air quality in rural areas and real-time information of the Captor nodes can be consulted using the captorAIR app.

Beluga whales are considered critically endangered with a population estimated around 150,000 worldwide. Alaskan authorities responded with detailed and challenging monitoring requirements due to the area being a critical habitat for endangered beluga whales. Libelium’s partner company Aridea Solutions designed a solution to monitor the leak based in a buoy equipped with Libelium’s wireless sensor platform to monitor air and water near the leak affecting the Beluga whales and other aquatic mammals. This project consisted of monitoring methane, oxygen and CO2 levels above the surface of the water. Libelium and the Argentinian company Rack2 have developed a permanent flood monitoring system based on IoT technology in La Emilia, a small village in the North of Buenos Aires. Its location next to a river has been subject to several flood alerts throughout its history.

3,000 people were moved to several evacuation centers. The final objective of the authorities was to have a permanent water monitoring system, not only for risk alerts but also to produce a satisfactory water flow, to control and record its behavior. Rack2, Libelium’s distributor in Argentina, has implemented an early flood detection and warning system using Libelium technology, a reliable and stable structure in terms of communications and accuracy. Feature Forest is a Polish start-up, specialized in developing software solutions for the IoT, taking advantage of data science methods. This project aims to localize the sources of air pollutants in the area of the port, such as the berthing of vessels, the heat and power plants, the cargo handling activities, the surrounding industry or the raising road and railway transport.

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