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Covered letters

The letters of the alphabet, cut out of sandpaper and mounted covered letters thick cardboard on wood.

The consonants are mounted on pink boards and the vowels on blue boards. Consider the one used in the elementary school system if most children will be attending. If possible, use display ledges for storing the letters rather then keeping them in boxes one behind the other. This helps to arouse interest, reinforce visual impressions, call attention to the totality of graphic symbols, and encourages the child to do more.

Observe dexterity and the arrival of focused attention in the child’s Practical Life and Sensorial work as readiness for the Sandpaper Letters. The Sound Games are the prerequisite for the Sandpaper Letters. The child must be familiar with all sounds in the dominant language of the cultures. Word analysis can be competed parallel to Sandpaper Letter work. With readiness the pace of this work moves steadily along. Most children will learn all their letters in about a month. Always present the letters at a table.

Teach the letters with a Covered letters Period Lesson. Give individual presentations for the initial work. Later group names can be used to reinforce the earlier experiences. After the first presentations, continue on consecutive days.

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Sometimes a child may have more than one lesson on the same day. Before presenting new letters, review those previously given and do further work with any that need it. Choose three letters of contrast both in shape and sound for presentations. For the very first experience by the child choose a sound that is of some special interest to that individual such as the first sound in their name.

Include a vowel in the early groups of letters presented. Introduce a phonogram by the fourth presentation. The child will get both visual and kinesthetic impression of each letter. In some children the muscular memory of the letter will be stronger than the visual memory. Repeated tracing of the letter is therefore very important. With each repetition the sound is also given so the auditory connection is deeply established.

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