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Cover letter same

Warren Commission in its cover letter same of the assassination of U.

Commission concluded they were likely struck by the same bullet. In its conclusion, the Warren Commission found «persuasive evidence from the experts» that a single bullet caused the President’s neck wound and all the wounds found in Governor Connally. Most pro- and anti-conspiracy theorists believe that the single-bullet theory is essential to the Warren Commission’s conclusion about how Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. The United States House Select Committee on Assassinations published their report in 1979 stating that their «forensic pathology panel’s conclusions were consistent with the so-called single bullet theory advanced by the Warren Commission». The first preliminary report on the assassination, issued by the FBI on December 9, 1963, said: «Three shots rang out. Two bullets struck President Kennedy, and one wounded Governor Connally. The Warren Commission commenced study of the Zapruder film, the only known film to capture the entire assassination sequence, on January 27, 1964.

By then, the FBI had determined that letter running speed of Abraham Cover’s camera was 18. FBI’s same that three bullets had found their mark. Several assistant counsels, upon viewing the film for the first time, concluded there had to be two assassins.

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On April 14 and 21, two conferences were held at the Commission to determine when, exactly, the president and governor were struck. 6 and that «the velocity of the first bullet would have been little diminished by its passage through the President. By the end of April 1964, the Commission had its working theory, the single-bullet theory, to account for the apparent timing discrepancies found in the Zapruder film and the lack of any damage to the limousine from a high-velocity bullet exiting the president’s throat. Impact damage was observed in the limousine, but was indicative of lower-velocity bullets or bullet fragments. On May 24, the FBI and Secret Service reenacted the shooting in Dallas and the Commission tested its theory. Agents acting as the president and the governor sat in a car of approximately the same dimensions of the presidential limousine, which was unavailable for the re-creation.

Further evidence gathered suggested to the Commission that the initial April consensus that a separate bullet caused the governor’s wrist and thigh injuries was incorrect, as the Army Wound Ballistics experts concluded that those wounds were «not caused by a pristine bullet,» and therefore bullet CE 399 «could have caused all his wounds. The Commission, however, did not conclude the single-bullet theory had been proven, as three members of the body, Representative Hale Boggs, Senators Richard Russell and John Cooper thought the theory improbable. Nevertheless, all seven members of the Commission signed off on the statement: «There was no question in the mind of any member of the Commission that all the shots which caused the President’s and Governor Connally’s wounds were fired from the sixth floor window of the Texas School Book Depository. Within minutes after the shots rang out in Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas, Texas, at 12:30┬áp. November 22, 1963, independent sources began reporting that three shots had been fired at the President’s motorcade. THREE SHOTS WERE FIRED AT PRESIDENT KENNEDY’S MOTORCADE TODAY IN DOWNTOWN DALLAS.

Merriman Smith from a radio telephone located in the front seat of the press car in the Presidential motorcade, six cars behind the President’s limousine. Smith’s communication with the Dallas UPI office was made less than a minute after the shots were heard, as his car entered the Stemmons freeway en route to Dallas’ Parkland Hospital. Merriman Smith’s dispatch was the first of many reports. There were dozens of journalists riding in the motorcade in three open press cars and a press bus, none of whom reported hearing a number of shots other than three. Photographers Robert Jackson and Tom Dillard riding in a car in the motorcade heard three shots. There has been some controversy regarding the number of shots fired during the assassination.

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