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Coursework based degrees

Jump to navigation Jump to search Coursework based degrees article is about education upon the completion of a first degree, known as graduate education within North America.

This article needs additional citations for verification. The organization and structure of postgraduate education varies in different countries, as well as in different institutions within countries. This article outlines the basic types of courses and of teaching and examination methods, with some explanation of their history. There are two main types of degrees studied for at the postgraduate level: academic and vocational degrees.

The enrollment of some students in the University of Bologna. Paris and the universities coursework based degrees after it, and the latter at Bologna and its derivative universities. These are often further divided into academic and professional doctorates. In some countries such as Finland and Sweden, there is the degree of Licentiate, which is more advanced than a master’s degree but less so than a Doctorate. Credits required are about half of those required for a doctoral degree. In the UK and countries whose education systems were founded on the British model, such as the US, the master’s degree was for a long time the only postgraduate degree normally awarded, while in most European countries apart from the UK, the master’s degree almost disappeared.

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In the UK, an equivalent formation to doctorate is the NVQ 5 or QCF 8. Most universities award honorary degrees, usually at the postgraduate level. These are awarded to a wide variety of people, such as artists, musicians, writers, politicians, businesspeople, etc. Recipients of such degrees do not normally use the associated titles or letters, such as «Dr». Postgraduate education can involve studying for qualifications such as postgraduate certificates and postgraduate diplomas.

They are sometimes used as steps on the route to a degree, as part of the training for a specific career, or as a qualification in an area of study too narrow to warrant a full degree course. Upon completion of at least two years’ research and coursework as a postgraduate student, a candidate must demonstrate truthful and original contributions to his or her specific field of knowledge within a frame of academic excellence. This section needs additional citations for verification. Programmes are divided into coursework-based and research-based degrees.

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