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Classifications of literature

This article needs additional citations classifications of literature verification.

Lumpers and splitters are opposing factions in any discipline that has to place individual examples into rigorously defined categories. The earliest known use of these terms was by Charles Darwin, in a letter to J. They were introduced more widely by George G. Reference to lumpers and splitters also appeared in a debate in 1975 between J. Hexter and Christopher Hill, in the Times Literary Supplement. The categorization and naming of a particular species should be regarded as a hypothesis about the evolutionary relationships and distinguishability of that group of organisms.

As further information comes to hand, the hypothesis may be confirmed or refuted. In history, lumpers are those who tend to create broad definitions that cover large periods of time and many disciplines, whereas splitters want to assign names to tight groups of inter-relationships. Lumping tends to create a more and more unwieldy definition, with members having less and less mutually in common. This can lead to definitions which are little more than conventionalities, or groups which join fundamentally different examples. 1810, but would exclude the later work of Goethe, among other writers. A lumper is keen to generalize, and produces models with a small number of broadly defined objects. A splitter is reluctant to generalize, and produces models with a large number of narrowly defined objects.

There is no agreement among historical linguists about what amount of evidence classifications needed for two languages to be safely classified in the same language family. Bradshaw suggests that the same principles of lumping and splitting apply to the study of early Christian liturgy. The Hindu religion is essentially a lumper’s concept, sometimes also literature as Smartism.

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The Principles of Classification and a Classification of Mammals». New York: American Museum of Natural History. On lumpers and splitters, or the nosology of genetic disease. The Search for the Origins of Christian Worship, Oxford University Press, 2002, p. Freeman Dyson, Dreams of Earth and Sky, New York Review Books, 2015, p. This article needs additional citations for verification.

The fairies of Irish, English, Scottish and Welsh folklore have been classified in a variety of ways. Insular Celtic «fair folk» do not appear to have a comparable division. The categorization of fairies based on court is whether a fairy is light or dark. The Seelie court are known to seek help from humans, to warn those who have accidentally offended them, and to return human kindness with favors of their own. Still, a fairy belonging to this court will avenge insults and could be prone to mischief. The most common time of day to see them is twilight.

Jerry Falwell, a televangelist, fundamentalist Southern Baptist pastor and conservative cofounder of the Moral Majority, became a.
Psychological investigations may involve intelligence tests, personality tests, projective tests (such as the Rorschach ink blot test), and neuro-how to write a perfect college essay batteries of tests to assess the type, location, and degree of any brain dysfunction and its behavioural expressions.

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