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Characteristics of good hypothesis

Characteristics of good hypothesis good hypothesis possesses the following certain attributes.

One of the valuable attribute of a good hypothesis is to predict for future. It not only clears the present problematic situation but also predict for the future that what would be happened in the coming time. So, hypothesis is a best guide of research activity due to power of prediction. A hypothesis must have close contact with observable things.

It does not believe on air castles but it is based on observation. Those things and objects which we cannot observe, for that hypothesis cannot be formulated. The verification of a hypothesis is based on observable things. A hypothesis should be so dabble to every layman, P. So, a good hypothesis must be simple and have no complexity. A hypothesis must be conceptually clear.

It should be clear from ambiguous information’s. The terminology used in it must be clear and acceptable to everyone. A good hypothesis should be tested empirically. It should be stated and formulated after verification and deep observation.

Thus testability is the primary feature of a good hypothesis. If a hypothesis is relevant to a particular problem, it would be considered as good one. A hypothesis is guidance for the identification and solution of the problem, so it must be accordance to the problem. It should be formulated for a particular and specific problem.

If generalization exists, then a hypothesis cannot reach to the correct conclusions. Hypothesis must be relevant to the techniques which is available for testing. A researcher must know about the workable techniques before formulating a hypothesis. It should be able to provide characteristics of good hypothesis suggestions and ways of knowledge.

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It must create new discoveries of knowledge J. Internal harmony and consistency is a major characteristic of good hypothesis. It should be out of contradictions and conflicts. There must be a close relationship between variables which one is dependent on other.

Please forward this error screen to host. Should be empirical statements — i. The hypotheses should not be normative. A second desirable attribute of a good hypothesis is generality. It explains a general phenomenon, rather than a single occurrence. A good hypothesis should be plausible — it shouldn’t defy logic.

A good hypothesis is specific, meaning that the concepts are carefully defined. And finally, a good hypothesis must be testable, and it cannot be a tautology. What Are Characteristics of a Good Hypothesis? A good hypothesis is a statement that helps to explain the occurrence of a specified group of observable phenomena.

A scientist begins with a question she wishes to answer. The scientist turns that question into a statement. It is important that this statement reflects an understanding of scientific principles and showcases preliminary research. A hypothesis is not simply a wild guess. The experiment sets out to prove or disprove the hypothesis. The individual conducting the experiment must write the hypothesis in simple, concise language.

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