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Cases analysis

The Gettier cases analysis, in the field of epistemology, is a landmark philosophical problem concerning our understanding of descriptive knowledge.

The term «Gettier problem», «Gettier case», or even the adjective «Gettiered», is sometimes used to describe any case in the field of epistemology that purports to repudiate the JTB account of knowledge. Gettier’s examples, while others seek to adjust the JTB account of knowledge and blunt the force of these counterexamples. Gettier problems have even found their way into sociological experiments, where the intuitive responses from people of varying demographics to Gettier cases have been studied. The question of what constitutes «knowledge» is as old as philosophy itself. Russell’s case, called the stopped clock case, goes as follows: Alice sees a clock that reads two o’clock and believes that the time is two o’clock.

It is, in fact, two o’clock. There’s a problem, however: unknown to Alice, the clock she’s looking cases analysis stopped twelve hours ago. Alice thus has an accidentally true, justified belief. Russell provides an answer of his own to the problem. According to the inherited lore of the epistemological tribe, the JTB account enjoyed the status of epistemological orthodoxy until 1963, when it was shattered by Edmund Gettier Of course, there is an interesting historical irony here: it isn’t easy to find many really explicit statements of a JTB analysis of knowledge prior to Gettier.

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It is almost as if a distinguished critic created a tradition in the very act of destroying it. Despite this, Plantinga does accept that some philosophers before Gettier have advanced a JTB account of knowledge, specifically C. This account of knowledge is what Gettier subjected to criticism. JTB account—but that do not appear to be genuine cases of knowledge.

Gettier’s case is based on two counterexamples to the JTB analysis. Firstly, that justification is preserved by entailment, and secondly that this applies coherently to Smith’s putative «belief». That is, that if Smith is justified in believing P, and Smith realizes that the truth of P entails the truth of Q, then Smith would also be justified in believing Q. Suppose that Smith and Jones have applied for a certain job.

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