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Case study procedure

The case of Case study procedure States v.

By continuing to use this website, the case of United States v. Camera review of 40 claimed privileged documents showed serious problems with the privilege log, client communication is actually with an attorney either seeking or receiving legal advice.

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Case study procedure

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Hospitals highlights the importance of effective discovery review in creating privilege logs. 2,302 pages, plus a new 259 page privilege log. Before discussing any privilege review, it is important to define the privileges in a case. The NVRA is an acronym that the Defendant had to follow. Needless to say, the Court agreed these claimed privileges were insufficient.

The test for determining whether a privilege log is adequate is whether each entry states sufficient facts that establish each element of the privilege. The privilege log also lacked detail with the identities and roles of each sender and recipient. As such, there was no way for the Plaintiff to determine whether the claimed privileged information was actually covered by the privilege. Simply put, you need to state that a attorney-client communication is actually with an attorney either seeking or receiving legal advice.

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