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Case study education

19th edition of the IBM Global C-case study education Study.

Understand four imperatives critical to every business leader to help you reinvent and outperform. In most sectors, disruption isn’t coming from start-ups or digital giants. Instead, it’s  industry incumbents that are dominating. These incumbents are equipped with strategies for developing digital skills, innovator talent and platform-based business models.

They’re also partnering with organizations in their value chain to share physical assets and people skills. Incumbents that outperform their peers will continue to rapidly prototype and will reward both fast failure and successful innovation. We are investing in technology to become more agile and enable something closer to a state of continuous transformation. Organizations of all sizes are prioritizing personalized customer experiences. The enterprises that most effectively deliver on this imperative are using design thinking to manage complexity, orchestrate across channels and truly understand their customers’ motivations.

By approaching problems with empathy for users, they’re creating close customer connections. In many industries, customers even become collaborators on product planning and design. Companies that successfully personalize experiences know how to use data to identify unmet customer needs. They leave no stone unturned, using AI and cognitive solutions to uncover insights that create delightful experiences — and turn customers into advocates. Our objective is to design customer experiences that are personalized and responsive, answer needs customer didn’t realize they had — and are ultimately so meaningful to the customer that they drive incredible advocacy. Companies that operate platform business models dominate their market segments and scale with ease in new ones.

And this model allows business to connect directly with customers. Regardless of industry or segment, successful platform operators have several factors in common. They create an environment where everyone on the platform — the operator, partners, competitors and even customers — contributes to customer experiences. Operators also capitalize on the massive amounts of data that platforms generate. When shared and used properly, this data leads to continuous reinvention. As business ecosystems evolve and collaborative relationships expand, platforms will proliferate and further disrupt, rewarding entrants with a well-defined platform strategy.

We transformed our business to establish an open platform based on cooperation with multiple partners so that we are all delivering parts of an ecosystem. By doing so, we’re able to create new value propositions and services to generate new revenue streams as well as share investments. These progressive leaders are shifting from top-down control toward autonomy, liberating employees to shape their enterprise’s strategic direction. Organizations that value agility are willing to reward experimentation and rapid responses to market changes. They trust employees’ case study education and each team’s course of action. And they’re not afraid to let their teams see their views evolve as they move forward.

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By embracing agility, they get closer to the people who matter most: their customers. As a CEO, you need to constantly learn — and learn about things you don’t like — and also get comfortable with failing quickly. If you’re not failing enough, it could be an impediment to growing your business to its full potential. Based on data derived from C-suite Study interviews, hot topic reports provide in-depth analysis on the latest critical subjects. 4 5 1 4 1 2 1 .

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