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Case history method

Dear Twitpic Community — thank you for all the wonderful case history method you have taken over the years.

We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. Jump to navigation Jump to search Case article is about the orthographical and typographical concept. For the similarly-named grammatical concept, see Grammatical case. This article needs additional citations for verification. The lower-case «history» and upper-case «A» are the two case variants of the first letter in the English alphabet. Letter case is generally applied in a mixed-case fashion, with both upper- and lower-case method appearing in a given piece of text.

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The choice of case is often prescribed by the grammar of a language or by the conventions of a particular discipline. Divided upper and lower type cases with cast metal sorts. The word is often spelled miniscule, by association with the unrelated word miniature and the prefix mini-. Normally, b, d, f, h, k, l, t  are the letters with ascenders, and g, j, p, q, y are the ones with descenders. This section possibly contains original research.

Writing systems using two separate cases are bicameral scripts. This includes most syllabic and other non-alphabetic scripts. Capitalisation is the writing of a word with its first letter in uppercase and the remaining letters in lowercase. Capital letters are used as the first letter of a sentence, a proper noun, or a proper adjective. Other words normally start with a lower-case letter. In some traditional forms of poetry, capitalisation has conventionally been used as a marker to indicate the beginning of a line of verse independent of any grammatical feature.

A: The people B: The weather C: The beaches D: The Colonial Villages E: Other You are getting the respondents personal opinion.
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