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Brea frazier biography books

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I frazier in the AGE Shop March 68-Jan biography 1969. Any old Brea guys out there? Very good, just wish I books find some of my friends. Comments: CRB 412TH MMS 46250 Weapons Release and an augmentee with the SP’s.

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They were still building the base, barracks were not complete, no bath rooms, out houses and pee tubes. Base comm was two vans backed up to each other. Our solution was, we built a building around the two vans and that was our Comm Ctr. Stayed that way until I left in early 68. Understand that they built a more proper Comm Ctr sometime later in 68. Was at CRB from Oct 65 to Oct 66.

Comments: 12TFW comrades, today, May 2, 2010 is my retirement ceremony from the AF Reserve. June 3rd and turn 60 on June 4th. I retire with a total of 26yrs. I’ve enjoyed it, but time to close this Chapter and move on. All the best to each of you! Comments: Served at Cam Ranh Bay 1967, loading and flying supplies on C47.

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A description of external awards, in some cases requiring nominations to be forwarded through the department, is further included.

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