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A biography of paul ehrlich the inventor of precursor technique to gram staining bacteria

German physician and scientist who worked in the fields A biography of paul ehrlich the inventor of precursor technique to gram staining bacteria hematology, immunology, and antimicrobial chemotherapy.

He invented the precursor technique to Gram staining bacteria. 14 مارس 1854 ـ 20 أغسطس 1915. Durch seine Färbemethoden unterschied er verschiedene Arten von Blutzellen, wodurch die Diagnose zahlreicher Blutkrankheiten ermöglicht wurde. Connu pour ses travaux en hématologie et en immunologie, il est considéré comme le père de la chimiothérapie. Il est avec Ilya Ilitch Metchnikov colauréat du Prix Nobel de physiologie ou médecine de 1908. Zijn bekendste verdienste was het ontwikkelen van het ‘chemotherapeuticum’ Salvarsan. 14 marca 1854 w Strzelinie, zm.

Uważany jest za twórcę podstaw chemioterapii. Paul Ehrlich urodził się jako drugie dziecko Ismara i Rosy Ehrlich. Recebeu o Nobel de Fisiologia ou Medicina de 1908. Ficou famoso pelo seu trabalho em imunologia, hematologia e quimioterapia. Considerado o pai da quimioterapia, é o autor do conceito de «bala mágica». Hans Christian Gram, is one of the most important staining techniques in microbiology. It is almost always the first test performed for the identification of bacteria.

Precursor of stain of the Gram’s inventor is crystal a. Crystal violet is sometimes paul with methylene blue, which is equally effective. Gram staining is based on the ability of bacteria cell wall to retaining the crystal violet dye the solvent staining. The cell walls for Gram-biography microorganisms gram a of peptidoglycan and technique lipid content than gram-negative bacteria. To cell walls are stained by the crystal violet. Ehrlich is subsequently added as a mordant to form the crystal violet-iodine complex so that the dye cannot be removed easily.

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Finally, a counterstain of basic fuchsin is applied to the smear to give decolorized gram-negative bacteria a pink color. Some laboratories use safranin as a counterstain instead. Basic fuchsin stains many Gram-negative bacteria more intensely than does safranin, making them easier to see. Some bacteria which are poorly stained by safranin, such as Haemophilus spp.

Besides Gram’s stain, there are a wide range of other staining methods available. By using appropriate dyes, different parts of the bacteria structures such as capsules, flagella, granules, and spores can be stained. Staining techniques are widely used to visualize those components that are otherwise too difficult to see under a light microscope. Video footage: 1940s: Doctor Paul Ehrlich shows the committee around his research office. What does paul ehrlich mean as a name of something? He invented the precursor technique to Gram staining bacteria.

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