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Sam Shepard, was an American actor, playwright, author, screenwriter, A biography of henrik ibsen th father if realism director whose career spanned half a century.

He won ten Obie Awards for writing and directing, the most won by any writer or director. Shepard’s plays are known for their bleak, poetic, surrealist elements, black comedy, and rootless characters living on the outskirts of American society. Shepard was born on November 5, 1943, in Fort Sheridan, Illinois. He was named Samuel Shepard Rogers III after his father, Samuel Shepard Rogers, Jr. Shepard worked on a ranch as a teenager.

After graduating from Duarte High School in Duarte, California in 1961, he briefly studied animal husbandry at nearby Mt. Shepard found work as a busboy at the Village Gate nightclub when he arrived in New York City, and in 1962 became involved in the off-off-Broadway theater scene through Ralph Cook, the Village Gate’s head waiter. Steve Rogers then adopted the professional name Sam Shepard. A patron of the Chelsea Hotel scene, he also contributed to Kenneth Tynan’s Oh!

Cowboy Mouth, a collaboration with his then-lover Patti Smith, was staged at The American Place Theatre in April 1971, providing early exposure for Smith, who became a well-known musician. Shortly thereafter, Shepard relocated with his wife and son to London. While in London, he immersed himself in the study of G. Gurdjieff’s A biography of henrik ibsen th father if realism Way, a recurring preoccupation for much of his life. Shepard accompanied Bob Dylan on the Rolling Thunder Revue of 1975 as the screenwriter for Renaldo and Clara that emerged from the tour. However, because much of the film was improvised, Shepard’s work was seldom used.

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His diary of the tour, Rolling Thunder Logbook, was published in 1978. In 1975, Shepard was named playwright-in-residence at the Magic Theatre in San Francisco, where he created many of his notable works, including his Family Trilogy. In 2010, A Lie of the Mind was revived in New York at the same time as Shepard’s new play Ages of the Moon opened there. Over the years, Shepard taught extensively on playwriting and other aspects of theater.

He gave classes and seminars at various theater workshops, festivals, and universities. Shepard performed Spalding Gray’s final monologue, Life Interrupted, for the audiobook version, released in 2006. In 2011, Shepard starred in the film Blackthorn. His final film appearance is Never Here, which premiered in June 2017 but had been filmed in the fall of 2014. At the beginning of his career, Shepard did not direct his own plays. His early plays had a number of different directors, but were most frequently directed by Ralph Cook, the founder of Theatre Genesis.

When Shepard first arrived in New York City, he roomed with Charlie Mingus, Jr. He then lived with actress Joyce Aaron. Shepard met Academy Award-winning actress Jessica Lange on the set of the film Frances, in which they were both acting. Despite having a longstanding aversion to flying, Shepard allowed Chuck Yeager to take him up in a jet plane in 1982, in preparation to play the pilot in the film The Right Stuff. In the early morning hours of January 3, 2009, Shepard was arrested and charged with speeding and drunk driving in Normal, Illinois.

A collection of Shepard and Dark’s correspondence, Two Prospectors, was also published that year. Shepard died on July 27, 2017, at his home in Kentucky, aged 73, from complications of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Harold Bloom’s Major Dramatists: Sam Shepard. Sam Shepard, Pulitzer-Winning Playwright and Actor, Is Dead at 73″. Archived from the original on December 2, 2008.

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